Galette de queso de cabra, higos y avellanas (tarta salada de temporada)

Goat cheese, fig and hazelnut galette (seasonal savory tart)

If you have ever heard that grapes with cheese taste like a kiss, I can assure you that the union of purple figs with cheese is no wonder. This goat cheese, fig and thyme galette is a good example of this perfect combination and one of the most successful recipes at home, during fig season.
Brioche con pesto de ajo silvestre

Brioche with wild garlic pesto

Today I bring a brioche with wild garlic pesto that I'm sure you'll love. It is a recipe that is easy to make, that is very colorful and that is ideal both to accompany any dish, to present with a cheese and cold meats platter, along with a caprese salad or to be savored just as it is.
Quiche de tomate crujiente

Crispy tomato quiche

This crunchy tomato quiche recipe has everything to make a name for itself among your favourites. I hope to surprise you with this dish that is very easy to prepare, and that allows you to take advantage of time while doing other things (and you can even have it cooked beforehand)... And it is very, very tasty!
Bizcocho de almendra, limón y mascarpone

Almond, lemon and mascarpone cake

It was seeing a spongy cake whose ingredients advertised almond flour and lemon, and thinking that it had to be delicious -With what we like at home, the Santiago cake, that cake pointed out that it would undoubtedly remind me of her, but with a more biscuit dough. That's how it has been, and it has triumphed among our friends!
Plum cake de naranja y pasas

Orange and raisin plum cake

There are a thousand ways to make plumcake, but in this recipe I give you one of the best I've tried, due to its combination of ease, fluffiness, flavor, and the fact that you can make it with ingredients you usually have at home.
Tiramisú de limón

Lemon Tiramisu

There are recipes that are delicious in their traditional form, there are recipes that are successful in all corners of the earth because they are simple, fast and tasty. This is the case of tiramisu, an Italian dessert that has been covered over and over again and to which today we give a new twist with this lemon version, which is most refreshing and appetizing (if possible).

Tarta de atún, queso feta y aceitunas negras

Tuna tart, feta cheese and black olives

Today's recipe is a cake that tastes and smells like summer, picnic afternoons and dinners on the terrace. With very Mediterranean reminiscences that come with feta cheese, oregano or black olives. A cake covered in the purest "pie" style that I am sure you will love and that in addition to making it as I indicate, you can vary it to your liking in many different ways, taking inspiration from the suggestions that you will find at the end.
Pastel de Cierva

Deer Cake

The Cierva cake is a typical elaboration of the Murcian region, dating from the end of the s. XIX (with legend included) on the coast of the Mar Menor. It is a somewhat peculiar recipe, as it combines the salty flavor of the filling with the sweetness of the dough in a single bite. It is quite a striking contrast, especially for those who have not known her since they were children, and come across her out of the blue, since the sweet/salty contrasts are very pronounced.
Babka de chocolate, la receta de que todos hablan

Chocolate babka, the recipe that everyone talks about

It is Easter tradition to make the recipe for Babka or Baba, a fluffy rectangular or crown-shaped braid which is made from a sweet fermented dough so delicious that we are enjoying it all year round. In the babka recipe that we bring today, we tell you how to make a Chocolate Babka delicious and traditional, with the detailed step by step so that you elaborate it without fear and solving all the doubts

Bizcocho de chocolate y cerezas

Chocolate and cherry cake

A chocolate cake recipe to look good without a doubt, this cake has it all: a cherry sauce base, a fluffy cocoa cake and a spectacular chocolate sauce top coverage.
Layer cake de manzana

apple layer cake

The most moist and aesthetic, this apple layer cake (apple mille-feuille or apple layer cake) leaves no one indifferent. It looks like a sponge cake on the outside but inside there are layers and layers of sweet baked apple and, in fact, very little dough.
Peras al horno con avena y pasta brisa

Baked pears with oatmeal and shortcrust pastry

What do you do when you have leftover shortcrust pastry that you had to cut out of a cake? Or if you have some pears in the fruit bowl that make eyes for you to enjoy as you please? Today I bring you a super successful recipe to prepare in 3 minutes and enjoy after nothing: baked pears with oatmeal and shortcrust pastry. A delicious treat!