Pastel de Cierva

Deer Cake

The Cierva cake is a typical elaboration of the Murcian region, dating from the end of the s. XIX (with legend included) on the coast of the Mar Menor. It is a somewhat peculiar recipe, as it combines the salty flavor of the filling with the sweetness of the dough in a single bite. It is quite a striking contrast, especially for those who have not known her since they were children, and come across her out of the blue, since the sweet/salty contrasts are very pronounced.
Pollo en salmuera a la parrilla, con arroz y cilantro

Grilled chicken in brine, with rice and coriander

This grilled chicken with rice and cilantro is a great way to enjoy an everyday recipe but with a big plus of texture and flavor. Brine, beyond a centuries-old technique for food preservation, is a culinary technique with which to enjoy new flavors and textures, since it provides not only saltiness, but also great juiciness.
Pastel de pastor de champiñones, lentejas y alubias carillas

Shepherd's pie with mushrooms, lentils and blackeye beans

We bring you the popular English shepherd's pie recipe in a vegetarian version full of flavor and energy, just as this recipe should be. The traditional shepherd's pie is a typical British dish of cooking, the easiest and most succulent and that uses the cooked meat that has been left over from the holidays, and that is crowned with a layer of mashed potato au gratin.
Lomo de ternera marinado y pesto de espinacas

Marinated beef tenderloin and spinach pesto

Do you know what the secret of Brazilians is to cook those delicious meats on the grill? Marinate them! Preparing a tasty marinade takes a few minutes and the flavored oil penetrates the meat , adding more flavor and helping it to be juicier and more tender.
Pollo Hasselback con tomate picante y mozzarella

Hasselback chicken with spicy tomato and mozzarella

We are inspired by the popular Hasselback potatoes to turn the most common breasts into a most festive dish: today we prepare Hasselback Chicken with tomato and mozzarella with spicy tomato sauce. Or what is the same, some stuffed chicken breasts with the most intense flavors of Italy. Delicious.
Pata de cordero con patatas, queso feta y aceitunas

Leg of lamb with potatoes, feta cheese and olives

Roast lamb with potatoes and pine nuts is undoubtedly one of the most classic recipes, but today we give a twist to the traditional recipe and add, seeking a contrast to the intense flavor of lamb, the typical aromas of the Greek islands : This lamb dish includes feta cheese, olives and fennel.
Masa de pizza en sartén

Pizza dough in pan

You can make pizza without turning on the oven! What do you say to that? The recipe for making pizza in a pan is ideal for making assorted mini pizzas or preparing a delicious individual size pizza, but without having to turn on the oven -yes, there is a pizza recipe without an oven!
Bacalao con costra de chorizo y tomates

Cod with chorizo ​​and tomato crust

Do you want to prepare the cod with that touch of flavor you need to really enjoy it? This cod recipe is super quick to make, and super easy too: you will see that with very little you give a twist to the presentation at the table and, above all, you give it a rush of flavor thanks to the minced sobrassada, the garlic and the aromatic , that extra you need to liven up the food.
Caballa a la parrilla relleno de queso a las hierbas

Grilled mackerel stuffed with herb cheese

Very easy to apply but with a really tasty result, I bring you a different and most effective way to cook mackerel on the grill! In today's recipe, the mackerel is stuffed with cheese and herbs, and we cook it with a touch of lemon. It turns out very tasty!
Terrina estilo mediterráneo

Mediterranean style terrine

The vegetarian terrine recipe that we bring you today is one of the most intense in flavor, and a fabulous option every day of the year. It is made up of layers of tomato sauce, mozzarella and fried eggplant, and it is very easy to prepare: you just have to fry the ingredients beforehand and in a very basic way, and form it in the ceramic terrine , in which you will finish cooking.

Tarta de pudín de limón

lemon pudding cake

If there is any dessert that is the most fluffy and soft, it is this lemon pudding cake that we bring you today. We bring it in an individual version, presented in the Le Creuset mini cocottes that we like so much, both to present at the table and to bake, because the truth is that there are some luxury biscuits left!
Tarta tropical con besos de merengue y coco

Tropical cake with kisses of meringue and coconut

Today I bring you a modern version of the traditional lemon meringue cake. This rich dessert will take you to the Caribbean! (and also to heaven, because it is a true delight). It is a cake that is full of exotic flavors, including coconut (in the dough and in the filling), passion fruit and mango.