Tarta de pudín de limón

lemon pudding cake

If there is any dessert that is the most fluffy and soft, it is this lemon pudding cake that we bring you today. We bring it in an individual version, presented in the Le Creuset mini cocottes that we like so much, both to present at the table and to bake, because the truth is that there are some luxury biscuits left!
Tarta tropical con besos de merengue y coco

Tropical cake with kisses of meringue and coconut

Today I bring you a modern version of the traditional lemon meringue cake. This rich dessert will take you to the Caribbean! (and also to heaven, because it is a true delight). It is a cake that is full of exotic flavors, including coconut (in the dough and in the filling), passion fruit and mango.
Tallarines con albóndigas caseras en cocotte

Tagliatelle with homemade meatballs in cocotte

Today I bring you a special recipe for noodles with homemade meatballs, an ideal recipe to make in a cocotte, and with which we have premiered the new Le Creuset meringue colored cocotte.
Tarta de queso sin horno y con fresas

No-bake cheesecake with strawberries

What is richer than a cheesecake? Well, today you are in luck, since I bring you a cheesecake with strawberries that you are going to love. It is a creamy and soft cheesecake without oven, and that we will make with a base of cottage cheese.
Rape con almejas

monkfish with clams

What do you bring us today, Claudia? Well, today I bring you nothing more and nothing less than an ideal dish to prepare these summer days , when you have guests at home or on weekends, since it is really good and it will take you very little time. Surprise your guests by preparing this monkfish casserole with clams .
Provolone con sobrasada y huevo

Provolone with sobrassada and egg

Today we bring you a simple but sensational dish ! It is a baked provolone with sobrassada and egg, made in the pan Skillet by Le Creuset.
Risotto de guisantes, gorgonzola y menta

Risotto with peas, gorgonzola and mint

Today we are heading to Italy with this “gorgonzola, peas and mint risotto”. This is one of my favorite risotto recipes: creamy, smooth, and bursting with peas in every bite. Risotto is one of the most traditional dishes of Italian cuisine; to get a hyper creamy rice it is essential to use a good rice for this task: Arborio, Carnaroli, etc. Due to the ability of these rice to absorb liquid, it will offer us that typical pasty texture of risotto.
Pan fácil en cocotte

easy cocotte bread

Lately, the curiosity to make bread at home has arisen in many. With the right recipe, you can start without complications and with great results. Today's recipe, this easy cocotte bread, is a recipe with which you will get a soft and fluffy bread without complications.
Paté de campagne

country pate

When it's time to eat outdoors and enjoy delicious appetizers, it's an ideal time to prepare homemade pate de campagne, this time made in a mini-cocotte.
Rancho canario de pulpo

Canarian octopus ranch

There are spoon dishes that are magical, dishes that take you back to childhood and to meals at grandma's house. This Canarian ranch that I bring you today is one of them, a simple spoon dish and, although the best known is prepared with meat, I am passionate about the version with octopus. It is a typical preparation of the Canary Islands, a truly delicious humble dish.
Alubias con calamar guisadas en cocotte

Beans with squid stewed in cocotte

These days we are juggling to vary our recipes with what we may have at home. That is why I bring you a spoon dish, which without pretensions or complications ends up being a very tasty stew.
Lentejas beluga estofadas con zanahoria y calabaza (cocotte every)

Beluga lentils stewed with carrot and pumpkin (cocotte every)

If you think that some lentils with vegetables are a want and I can't, you are very wrong. Especially if those lentils are beluga or caviar, the amount of vegetables is considerable and the container in which we cook them is our Cocotte Every. Small but bulky. With all this we marked some stewed beluga lentils with carrot and pumpkin full of flavor.