Helado de coco tradicional

Traditional coconut ice cream

Let's make coconut ice cream. Just like, without further ado, the usual: I bring you the recipe for an easy, quick and coconut-flavored coconut ice cream, which is what lovers of this fruit that fell from heaven (well, from tropical palm trees, but from the sky as well).
Helado de vainilla con nueces caramelizadas

Vanilla ice cream with caramelized nuts

The day you dare to make ice cream at home you will wonder how it is possible that it is so easy. Today, one of my favorites: vanilla ice cream with caramelized walnuts (yes, like the ice cream that you surely know from Häagen-Dazs®, because you can make it with Macadamia nuts if you prefer, although once caramelized you will see that it is with walnuts or walnuts of Macadamia the result is just as wonderful).
Recetas para hacer helados en casa

Recipes to make ice cream at home

Today I bring you a few easy recipes to make ice cream at home quickly and easily! Strawberry, chocolate, coffee, lemon ice cream... Sweet and refreshing, only by adapting quantities can you make them with your own utensils. Are you interested?
Helados italianos cremosos caseros

homemade creamy italian ice cream

Today I am not bringing you one but several recipes to prepare creamy and delicious Italian ice cream from home . For years I've wanted to have an ice cream maker like the one I used to prepare the recipes I'm bringing you today.
Helado de Nutella sobre vasitos de galleta de avena y coco

Nutella ice cream on coconut oatmeal cookie cups

Do you like Nutella? And the oatmeal cookies? Both things excite me and if we put them together I get the perfect dessert. Also now that we are in summer, the best dessert is in the form of ice cream. Do you not agree with me?

So today I propose a good homemade Nutella ice cream served on a glass of homemade oatmeal and coconut cookies. How have you been?

Granizado de limón con heladera

Lemon granita with ice cream maker

Few things are more refreshing when the heat is on than a granita, and if it's homemade and lemon, I won't even tell you. To start and not stop!
Sorbets and granitas differ from ice creams, in general, in that they do not contain dairy (or eggs in the case of cream ice creams), so they are much less greasy and tend to produce a more icy sensation. But for that very reason they are perfect for the heat.