Recetas para hacer helados en casa

Recipes to make ice cream at home

Today I bring you a few easy recipes to make ice cream at home quickly and easily! Strawberry, chocolate, coffee, lemon ice cream... Sweet and refreshing, only by adapting quantities can you make them with your own utensils. Are you interested?
Polos de coco con cobertura de chocolate (¡Veganos y sin lactosa!)

Chocolate Covered Coconut Popsicles (Vegan and lactose free!)

Enjoying making popsicles with the little ones on summer afternoons is not only fun for them, but it also helps us adults eat on a whim. We chose to make fruit popsicles, yogurt, in a single color, in many colors... But since nobody has any intolerances at home, I hadn't thought of making them vegan and lactose-free until now!

Recetas de helados y batidos con Zoku

Ice Cream and Smoothie Recipes with Zoku

Today we bring easy recipes to make with all kinds of Zoku utensils! Because summer is coming, and with it the time when we most enjoy ice creams and soft drinks that not only turn a few minutes into moments of real pleasure, but also help us beat the heat and remember that the holidays are very close.

Polos de Smoothie

smoothie lollies

Patricia, author of Flavors and Moments, today brings us some homemade popsicles that are striking: it is a combination of colored fruits that is delicious and incredibly beautiful. I invite you to let your imagination fly and create your own version!

Polos de oreo con Zoku

Oreo popsicles with Zoku

Making popsicles at home is very easy with the Zoku ice cream maker, since it freezes the mixtures in 7-8 minutes, and you can enjoy homemade ice cream in record time.

Today Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet, brings us a recipe that is easy to make and that all the little ones will surely enjoy: yogurt cookies and oreo cookies. Some of the richest and creamiest popsicles!

Polos de yogur con crema de cacao y avellanas (con la heladera Zoku)

Yogurt popsicles with cocoa cream and hazelnuts (with the Zoku ice cream maker)

Ice creams are a thing of summer (although if you eat them all year round we won't tell anyone!), and making them at home is very easy with Zoku ice cream makers, since in a few minutes you will have your ice cream ready to eat. The only thing you have to remember is to leave the refrigerator in the freezer, so that it is very cold when you are going to use it. Then, you can make all kinds of ice creams with them, from horchata ice creams or orange juice to ice creams as delicious as the one that Lola brings us today, from Loleta Life, Food&Market. Will you miss it?