Patricia, author of Flavors and moments , brings us today some homemade popsicles that are eye-catching: it is a combination of colored fruits that is delicious and incredibly beautiful. I invite you to let your imagination fly and create your own version!

How hot are we going through in most of our country, right? Well, to bring you an appetizing recipe, what better than some smoothie popsicles that, in addition to refreshing us, these days, hydrate us and provide us with vitamins?

At home I am very demanding and I like that they are homemade, besides that they are easy and fast, we can choose our favorite ingredients! Today we are going to hit the fruit of a thousand colors to create these attractive popsicles with our favorite smoothies prepared in the Zoku polo shirt (although they can also be made in 7 minutes in the Quick Pop Zoku refrigerator ).

In addition, they are so easy that my children, who are getting old enough to take their first steps in the kitchen, prepare them themselves…Bananas, pineapple, peaches, kiwi…everything they find in the fridge drawer well mashed and distributed to everyone. scoops to get these rainbows of color! Come on, let's go for the recipe!

Zoku ice cream molds

Ingredients for 6 pole mold

For the base filling:
  • 3 frozen bananas (or fresh if you have them)
  • 3 Greek yogurts
  • 3 tablespoons agave syrup (or honey)
To add to the base fill and provide colors:
  • Frozen forest fruits (Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries...)
  • Frozen chopped pineapple (or fresh)
  • Frozen (or fresh) sliced ​​peaches
  • Frozen (or fresh) sliced ​​kiwi
  • Frozen (or fresh) chopped mango
  • A handful of fresh spinach
  • a small orange

Zoku ice cream molds and Nezumi ceramic plate from Tokio Design


  1. We start by putting the ingredients of the base filling in our kitchen robot or blender glass and mix until we get a smooth and homogeneous cream. If we see it very thick, we can always add some liquid to help beat (a little water or orange, lemon, coconut juice).
  2. We transfer this smoothie to a jug or container from which we will distribute small amounts to which we will add the fruits by color, to get the colored smoothies to form the rainbow in our moulds.
  3. We are rinsing the glass of the blender, we pour about 200ml of base filling and we are composing the colored smoothies. We start with the layer of forest fruits, which will be the one we pour into the molds first. To do this we add strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries... We crush well and with the help of a spoon we carefully distribute at the base of our molds.
  4. We rinse the blender glass again each time to grind the different layers. We now continue with an orange layer so that we will add mango, peach, orange, apricots, medlars to our base filling... Any of the fruits that favor this color and that you have on hand. Again, with the help of a soup spoon, we pour the batter into our molds on the bottom layer.
  5. For the yellow layer, we will add the chopped pineapple to our base recipe. And we will pour into the molds.
  6. And finally, we will fill with the green layer, to our base recipe we will add a handful of fresh spinach leaves, the chopped kiwi, some frozen peas, some broccoli... Anything green that you can think of, to which we can add a small piece of pineapple to contribute the sweet flavor. With the help of the spoon we are filling our Zoku molds , being careful not to reach the edge because when frozen, the interior volume of the filling expands and they would not be closed well.
  7. It is normal that some layers have mixed a bit and that they form waves in which some colors penetrate the spaces of the others, but afterwards they will be very cool!! Now straight to the freezer! (or just wait 7 minutes if you're using Zoku's Quick Pop ice cream maker)
  8. To unmold, we simply put the molds under warm tap water for a few seconds and gently manipulate them until they come out of the molds.
  9. Once unmolded, we can cover it again with transparent film and put it back in the freezer in a zip bag. So we will have our molds available again to create new poles and flavors!

Happy summer everyone!

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