Trucos rápidos para suavizar tu helado ultra congelado

Trucos rápidos para suavizar tu helado ultra congelado

Cuando un helado está muy congelado es difícil de servir, y también de disfrutar. ¡Seguro que te has encontrado con helados en el congelador que parecen rocas! Para recuperar su cremosidad y hacerlo comestible hay varios métodos que te serán de lo más útiles.
Batido de cereza

Batido de cereza

¡Es época de cerezas! Y es una época tan corta que tenemos que aprovecharla. Sin duda la gran opción es comerlas al natural... ¡Pero una idea maravillosa es hacer un batido con ellas! Resulta super fácil de preparar, es refrescante, goloso (sí, ¡no lo negaremos!) y de lo más delicioso. ¿Te apuntas a este batido de cerezas y vainilla?
Tarta de masa quebrada rellena de chocolate extracremoso

Tarta de masa quebrada rellena de chocolate extracremoso

Esta tarta de masa quebrada rellena de chocolate extracremoso es lo que buscas si estás pensando en un postre perfecto para sorprender y deleitar a tus invitados a partes iguales. Es el fin de fiesta perfecto, sobre todo si adoras el chocolate.
Pollo Karahi-Claudia&Julia

Chicken Karahi

At the heart of traditional Pakistani cuisine, the Karahi Chicken Recipe emerges as a culinary gem, which today we will cook in the Balti Dish, an essential utensil that captures the essence of this ancient dish.
Cake de limón y merengue-Claudia&Julia

Lemon and meringue cake

It's starting to smell like summer and one of the aromas that are inevitably linked to good weather is lemon. Baking any cake that includes it, as is the case with this Lemon Meringue Cake, leaves a wonderful smell in the kitchen and, I assure you, it is difficult not to fall into the temptation of trying it before bringing it to the table.
Receta de carne en sartén inox

Filet mignon with red wine and aromatic herbs

This recipe for Roasted Steak with Red Wine and Aromatic Herbs is the ideal recipe for those who want to lose the fear of cooking in a stainless steel pan. It is a dish that combines the intense and juicy flavors of filet mignon with the richness of red wine and the fragrances of aromatic herbs.
Mini baguettes de chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Mini chocolate baguettes

One of the snacks from my childhood (and adolescence!) that I remember most fondly was bread with chocolate. A few ounces with a piece of bread made me the happiest girl in the world. That bread tasted like heaven and what to say about chocolate! With today's recipe we will turn this fantastic duo into a single piece, giving it the shape of a mini chocolate baguette that will delight at home at snack time or for breakfast.
Bizcochos salados de parmesano y cebolleta-Claudia&Julia

Savory parmesan and chive biscuits

Today we bring a recipe that redefines the concept of sponge cakes, taking them into the territory of salty and sophisticated flavors without a gram of sugar: Salty parmesan and chive sponge cakes, prepared in individual ramekins . The absence of sugar in this type of recipe is completely normal and desirable, given its salty character and the presence of ingredients with strong flavor profiles such as parmesan, chives, and spices.
Pan de pita, la receta fácil de pan árabe-Claudia&Julia

Pita bread, the easy Arabic bread recipe

Discover how to make authentic Pita Bread, the popular Arabic flatbread, similar to naan bread but hollow inside. This characteristic gives it the great advantage of being a very versatile bread (you can fill it with anything from the classic falafel to raw or roasted vegetables, or delicious strips of meat). And you will love to know that it is a super easy recipe to make!
Croissants de ricotta horneados en baño de almendra-Claudia&Julia

Ricotta croissants baked in almond bath

International Croissant Day is approaching, and we suggest you enjoy not one but many, transforming these beloved puff pastries into a unique and delicious creation: we turn this Baked croissant filled with ricotta cream into a quick Ricotta, Almond and Blueberry Pudding that will make your guests tremble. In this recipe, croissants become the base for an indulgent and comforting dessert.
Brownies de chocolate en mini cocotte (o bizcochos tiernos de chocolate)-Claudia&Julia

Chocolate brownies in mini cocotte (or soft chocolate cakes)

As we know that brownies are one of those delicious cakes that we would fight over, today we bring them in an individual version! You could also call these brownies made in mini-cocotte Tender sponge cakes with a chocolate heart - because in fact, being a brownie, in this recipe we cheat... we add yeast so that they puff up and are super cute in the mini. And like any brownie, it is one of the simplest preparations you can make!
Curry de setas y garbanzos-Claudia&Julia

Mushroom and chickpea curry

Get ready for a feast of flavors! This mushroom and chickpea curry recipe is an explosion of delicious flavors that will transport you to a world of culinary delight. This preparation represents a combination of flavors that will make you smile with every bite. Packed with simple ingredients but full of character, this delicacy invites you to enjoy the happiness that only a comforting dish can bring.