Tortilla de patatas y pimientos (¡en sartén de hierro!)-Claudia&Julia

Potato and pepper omelette (in an iron skillet!)

Come on, let's take out the iron tortilla pan to give it one of its most obvious uses (not at all unique!), and enjoy a very traditional tortilla, the potato one, with the added flavor of red pepper. and green. You will see how delicious!
Tortilla de patata trufada-Claudia&Julia

Truffled potato omelette

Can you imagine combining the tradition of a potato omelette with the elegance of truffle? This classic recipe from Spanish gastronomy is a delight on its own, but today we add a touch of sophistication. In the Dupla Bra frying pan, the double frying pan that makes cooking easier (and certainly flipping!), we have found the perfect ally to take this recipe to the next level.
Quiche de tomate crujiente

Crispy tomato quiche

This crunchy tomato quiche recipe has everything to make a name for itself among your favourites. I hope to surprise you with this dish that is very easy to prepare, and that allows you to take advantage of time while doing other things (and you can even have it cooked beforehand)... And it is very, very tasty!
Huevos al estilo turco con salsa de tomate y pimentón-Claudia&Julia

Turkish-style eggs with tomato and paprika sauce

Today I propose a recipe with eggs that I find delicious; a Turkish-inspired dish that is a wonderful display of flavors and aromas, with some very interesting contrasts. For me, the egg is an essential ingredient and I love it cooked in all imaginable ways, but I assure you that this version of çilbir or Turkish-style eggs with tomato sauce and paprika has come into my life to stay.
Huevos Orsini (cómo hacer cloud eggs)-Claudia&Julia

Orsini eggs (how to make cloud eggs)

If you have ever wondered what those foamy eggs that look like a cloud are, the answer is Orsini Eggs (in English known as "cloud eggs", which literally translated would mean "cloud eggs"). It is a recipe that is not only colorful and curious, but fortunately it is very easy to make, and it is delicious!
Frittata de ajo y patata asada-Claudia&Julia

Roasted Potato and Garlic Frittata

If you love eggs as much as I do, you are going to love today's recipe. This roasted potato and garlic frittata is absolutely delicious. You will see that it is not difficult to prepare and it is an ideal dish for any occasion, although it is especially appetizing now that the cold has arrived.
Frittata de verduras con parmesano

Vegetable Frittata with Parmesan

One of the best ways to eat eggs and vegetables, and a great way to round off a dinner, is the fritatta.

Unlike with the tortilla, the fritatta allows us to ignore the pan and we do not have to be aware of it to turn it. We simply prepare the ingredients on the fire and, once ready, we bake them.

Quiche de calabaza, manzana y gorgonzola

Pumpkin, apple and gorgonzola quiche

We bring a quiche with a hundred percent autumn air, Quiche with pumpkin, apple and gorgonzola. What combination, right? The contrast of sweet and salty is perfect, and even more so if they include cheese.

Tortilla vaga de cangrejo

lazy crab omelette

I love these tortillas that are half set, they don't need to be turned and they just need to be covered with skill so they finish cooking and are juicy.
Recetas con huevos

Recipes with eggs

You will have to excuse me, the title of the post is neither tricky nor cardboard: today I bring you a lot of recipes for your lunches and dinners with eggs, lots of eggs!

What am I talking about? It turns out that every second Friday of October (in this case, precisely today October 11), is International Egg Day, and we have a lot of recipes to celebrate it... And enjoy it at the table!

Quiche de verduras

Vegetable Quiche

You already know how much we like quiche or savory cakes at Claudia&Julia. We have them in all colors, sizes and flavors, but we are not satisfied. Today's is a new recipe with which to expand the list and which is great to have on hand for when we want to leave meat and fish aside. Something that, we can assure you, you are not going to miss when you sink your teeth into this vegetable quiche. It is tasty, juicy delicious. In a word: tremendous.

Frittata de morcilla y manzana caramelizada

Black pudding and caramelized apple frittata

If you are looking for a quick and tasty dinner, the frittata is always a good resource. The one that Virginia, from Sweet&Sour, brings us today is an original and delicious combination: black pudding and caramelized apple frittata. Do not stop trying it because you will love it!