Quiche de salmón y queso de cabra

Salmon and goat cheese quiche

Raquel, author of Los Tragaldabas, brings us a recipe that you will want to prepare hot or cold: you will love this salmon and cheese quiche, both for its flavor and for its easy preparation. Do not miss it!

Quiche à la tomate, niçoise

Quiche a la tomato, niçoise

You will love the quiche that Loreto brings us, from Sabores de Colores! The mixture of olives, tomato and anchovies result in a very Mediterranean flavor, and that in the quiche format is most appetizing and original. Bon Appetite!

Frittata de alcachofas con jamón

Artichoke frittata with ham

Still being a personal opinion, I must say that I think most of us love to see healthy recipes, very easy to make and quick to prepare. Today Laura, from the blog Because, brings us one that perfectly responds to all this, a frittata that, with the contrast of the flavor of the artichokes with the salty touch of the ham, you will love!
Quiche de Bacalao, Puerros y Cebolla

Cod, Leek and Onion Quiche

Today Patri, author of Sabores y Momentos, brings us a very versatile recipe, since this delicious cod, leek and onion quiche can be as part of an appetizer or first course at a family meal, as well as the perfect dinner. But in addition to being versatile, it is very easy to make. I let you discover it yourself. Go for the recipe!

Frittata de tomate

tomato frittata

Sometimes we want to see easy, fast and tasty recipes, right? Well, without a doubt, this recipe that Raquel, author of Los Tragaldabas, brings us today, meets the three requirements; especially the tasty one, because we will all agree that the recipe looks great. Do not miss it, because you are going to love it!
Quiche de endivias y puerros, inspirado en el libro de Julia Child

Endive and leek quiche, inspired by Julia Child's book

Patricia, author of the gastronomic blog Sabores y Momentos, presents us with a recipe that children and adults will like: a very healthy endive and leek quiche. It has been inspired by the recipes of Julia Child, whom as you well know we have in great admiration. So there is only one thing left to say: bon appétit!

Tortilla de patatas y Kale

Potato and kale omelette

Easily many of you are familiar with the gastronomic blog Flavors and Moments. Well, its author, Patri, debuts as a collaborator of Claudia&Julia.

Quiché Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine

Luisa Morón, from Cooking with my Carmela, takes us to France with this delicious Quiche Lorraine. A traditional dish that, cooked with love for those you love, becomes a real delicacy! And for a beautiful presentation, nothing better than the Kitchen Craft mold.
Clafoutis de tomates cereza y queso

Cherry tomato and cheese clafoutis

Miriam, author of the blog The winter guest , presents us with a delicious recipe that is very easy to prepare with the new Le Creuset mini oval cocottes . An ideal recipe to prepare an appetizer or a picnic with an original and elegant presentation.

Quiche Origen y cómo se prepara

Quiche Origin and how it is prepared

Surely many of you have cooked quiches. A quiche is a savory tart from French cuisine. The original recipe was born in the Lorraine region, in northwestern France. Hence its name: 'Quiche Lorraine'.