Galletas de almendra y naranja

Almond and orange cookies

Making cookies is a child's thing, and these delicious almond and orange cookies are proof of that: with very little and in a very short time you will be enjoying some delicious cookies. If you accompany them or bathe them in chocolate, the combination will be even richer. Claudia's word.
Ideas para decorar tus galletas de Navidad, ¡Inspírate!

Ideas to decorate your Christmas cookies, get inspired!

A few days ago, we shared a post in which we told you how to prepare the icing for cookies. Christmas is here and it's time to put it into practice! Simple decorations for Christmas cookies, but defined and elegant. That is what we want to focus on in this post. I hope that the ideas for making Christmas cookies that I bring you today inspire you to prepare some of the most beautiful, homemade and original cookies.
Galletas rellenas de chocolate

chocolate filled cookies

I make these chocolate filled shortbread cookies at home every week. I stopped buying the ones from the supermarket when I found out that industrial cookies were not entirely healthy, and even more so those filled with cocoa cream.

Trucos para hacer galletas perfectas

Tips for making perfect cookies

Do you know that homemade cookies can last even a month in perfect condition if you keep them well? That as long as you don't get distracted and the little ones (or some older child in the house... Ehem!) don't play the little mouse and eat them first.

Baking cookies is one of my favorite pleasures. It is easy and it is also fast, since both the dough requires very little mixing and the baking takes little time (about 15 minutes). The kids also enjoy it, you make sure you eat quality ingredients and, if you make them in quantity, you have reservations for days.

Galletas de jengibre

Ginger cookies

There are many reasons to bake cookies at home: the cold, wanting to give someone a gift, having a good time with the kids in the kitchen or simply enjoying a homemade sweet. This time Rosa, author of Pemberley Cup&Cakes, offers us a basic that cannot be missed on these dates: the most delicious gingerbread cookie recipe you can make. What can't you resist?

Galletas de avellanas y chocolate

Hazelnut and chocolate cookies

Preparing cookies at home is a great pleasure, apart from being really easy! The recipe that Virginia (from Sweet&Sour) proposes us today, chocolate and hazelnut cookies with a touch of orange, is a guaranteed winner. Go ahead with them!

Ideas para regalar

gift ideas

Joy takes over me when December arrives. Christmas is approaching, a date that I love: thinking about family meals, those meals that sometimes end up as dinners, and also seeing the illusion of the children when they wake up and run to look next to the tree.

Galletas de té matcha y chocolate con sellos de Navidad

Matcha tea and chocolate cookies with Christmas stamps

At the gates of November we already see Christmas close. As there are many of us who want to think and collect ideas to enjoy the Festivities to the fullest, Carolina, from the blog Carolina's kitchen is opening our mouths with these cookies with 100% Christmas flair! Although you know as well as I do that you can start making these cookies right away, because they are as different as they are delicious. Do not resist!
Regalos para niños: ideas para introducirlos en la cocina

Gifts for children: ideas to introduce them to the kitchen

I still remember how surprised I was when a very dear relative came to me with three huge packages. And to my surprise, it was a set that I adored: it was the Mayan Bee cutlery set from WMF. I'm not talking about just anything: a ceramic set with beautiful prints, cutlery of a very good quality of steel and all the pieces of an ideal size for children.
Mi opinión sobre los sellos para galletas de Nordic Ware

My take on Nordic Ware cookie stamps

Today Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet , gives us his opinion on an item that is as sweet a treat as the cookies you make with it: the Nordic Ware cookie stamps! I know that it is difficult to get an idea of ​​how well they are doing or how good they look without having them in front of you, but believe me, they are stamps that make you fall in love!
Galletas de mantequilla con los sellos de Nordic Ware

Shortbread cookies with Nordic Ware stamps

Today Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet , brings us a small temptation in the form of a cookie, perfect to accompany coffee, have a mid-morning snack... or satisfy a craving!