Today Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet , gives us her opinion on an article that is as sweet a treat as the cookies you make with it: Nordic Ware cookie stamps! I know it's hard to get an idea of ​​how well they are going or how good they look without having them in front of you, but believe me, they are labels that make you fall in love!

I have been a fan of Nordic Ware molds for a long time to make spectacular cakes thanks to the beautiful designs offered by the brand. I get a new one from time to time and I must confess that I would love to have them all as if it were a collection. In fact, I maintain some expectation at the possibility that they present a new one to see in what other ways an impressive cake can be molded, and include it in the pending list.

When I discovered aluminum stamps through the Claudia&Julia online store, I was captivated. It was back in December when I met them thanks to a recipe for Christmas cookies made with the "Holiday cookie" stamps . You can see it HERE.

I immediately saw that there were also some beautiful models for "all year round" that are the "All season" stamps and I decided on them.

The first thing I would say is that I loved how they are presented: in a well-assembled box, where I still keep them, one after the other, slightly inclined as if they were three little jewels.
Its size was the second thing that surprised me, I had not noticed the product description where it clearly indicates its diameter and the truth is that there are three good pieces and with great packaging; the wooden handle, the engraved aluminum part…. I thought they were great to give away because they are a real treat for those of us who love the world of confectionery.

To see how they turned out, the first time I used a shortbread recipe that I have mastered and it always turns out great. They passed the test with flying colors! You can see the recipe on the blog ( here ).

The procedure to obtain a dough in which the drawing can be stamped and which remains unchanged after baking is the same as always:

1.- Extend the dough on baking paper in a cookie tray (like this one from De Buyer ), or on the same baking tray (if it is not too large).

2.- Cool a little in the fridge without becoming excessively hard so that it is not difficult to drive the seal.

3.- Engrave the chosen motif several times on the extended mass with a small separation between them.

4.- As the cookie stamp does not cut, but rather marks a drawing, then cut with a round cookie cutter of the same size (a metal ring for plating would also work), applying it on top of each one, and remove the cut from the edges.

5.- Cool again so that the cookies are quite rigid before putting them in the oven and that they maintain their shape with the brief cooking they require.

Another option is to make small balls of dough and roll them out to get circles about the size of the cookie and then stamp even if there is a bit left over. The effect is beautiful because it reminds me of the red sealed seals of old letters.

We can first cut the circle once the ball has been extended (which must be larger than the drawing to achieve the effect) and obtain a perfect round cookie, or not and keep the irregular shape. In both cases it is beautiful.

You can make all the cookies with the same model, and reserve the other two for another occasion and thus dosing the models, or alternate the stamps in the same batch and offer an assortment with different shapes.

Some have told me that the dough has stuck to the seal. In that case I have recommended two things: first, pass the stamp through flour first, so you will avoid it sticking in many cases. And secondly, if it's still sticking, maybe the flour/butter ratio should be checked to avoid making it such a sticky dough. If you are interested, you will find one of my recipes with the stamps here, on the blog .

As for cleaning, the stamps are phenomenally cleaned, because their grooves are large enough so that there are no residues of dough that are difficult to remove. It is best to use a damp cloth, important, then dry!

The patterned cookies are so beautiful that it is a beautiful idea to prepare them as gifts. On the other hand, in our kitchen, the stamps can be visible on a shelf because they are super decorative with their rustic and vintage air.


Teresa said:

Estoy deseando probarlos. Son grandes, y muy bonitos. Van muy bien con un anillo de emplatar para cortar la masa. La única pega es su precio…

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