I still remember the surprise I got when a very dear relative came to me with three huge packages. I mean huge, don't imagine that they were the size of a house but, wow, each box took up its space and with the three together they covered her entire belly and even her eyes! He made me laugh. And even more surprisingly, it was a set that I absolutely adored: it was the Mayan Bee cutlery set from WMF. I'm not talking about just anything: a ceramic set with beautiful prints, the cutlery of a very good quality of steel and all the pieces of an ideal size for children.

wmf cutlery set

If I comment on the latter, it is because, as most mothers know, we tend to overfill the plates of the adults, and the children back down just from seeing so much food. In these sets for children, you can adjust much more to their needs, and mealtimes go by more happily.

I was presented with all three sets as a gift for the birth of my youngest son. So now each of my children has their own outfit, and that's how I discovered these collections. I loved them so much that I couldn't stop adding them to the store - these, and the ones from the jungle book -, because I think they are a delicious gift: many times we don't know what to give, and these pieces are beautiful, practical and of high quality . The fact that they come in a generously sized box, with all the pieces very well presented inside, makes it a gift with a lot of presence.

Apart from these sets, there are some other products that I haven't talked about, and I wanted to share them since, from my own experience, I know that many times we don't know what to give as a gift. So with the thought of having something to give the little ones, and that both they and the parents like, we incorporate several products that I find delicious, while helping the little ones to enter the world of cooking in a way that amuses them.

I start with one of my favourites: Opinel's Petit Chef set . It is a pity that you cannot see this product live because you would love it: you would realize its very appropriate measurements (a gentleman knife but somewhat minimized to make it proportional to children), and you would perceive the safety that this set presents.

The set is ideal for children from 5 or 6 years old, when they really want to do things for adults and are aware of the danger that a knife can pose. The design is very well thought out: they are instructed to grasp it by passing their index finger through the hole, and when grasping it like this, there is no danger of cutting. It is totally safe, it has no point and its edge is not extremely sharp, so they can use it calmly and at the same time learn how to hold it correctly.

Continuing with the chef aspect, the Le Creuset cupcake set includes some pieces that will inspire the child to start baking, although several of them will be used very often by the older ones: the bowl is delicious, and the spatulas, Despite being smaller, they are ideal for removing the smallest pans. There is the blue and pink set, both beautiful, and with the quality of Le Creuset.

le creuset cupcake set

I have also given the Nordic Ware stamps to my acquaintances with little ones who are into baking, because they are very large, they hold them very well and the children love to mark the dough to make their cookies. As they come in a very well presented box, it is a very good gift too.

nordic ware cookie stamps

Although for fun products for them, and with a wide variety to choose from, there are Zoku products for making ice creams and slushies . They love them! Both the ones that allow you to make ice cream in 7 minutes and the molds to leave in the freezer are a very good option: we start from the premise that children love ice cream, plus they have very fun shapes, and they also make them your favorite tastes! It is a fabulous option. In addition, they are so easy to use and children are so practical and have so much imagination, that they result in very appetizing creations: both they take liquid yogurt and accompany it with the pieces of fruit that they most want, as they decide that the horchata is better. ice cold but accompanied by teaspoons of cream. yum! (From Zoku there are many options, to see them all you can visit the section here ).

zoku ice cream

Finally, a set that is not to enter the world of cooking, but to enjoy eating (which also has its own!). It is a breakfast set, very complete and that the little ones fall in love with, but without a doubt also the older ones. This is the Le Creuset breakfast set , with 4 pieces and available in blue and pink. delicious!

le creuset breakfast set


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