Semlor - Bollos suecos-Claudia&Julia

Semlor - Swedish Buns

Los semlor o semla (en singular), es uno de los dulces más tradicionales de Suecia, Finlandia, Dinamarca, Noruega y Estonia. Se trata de un bollo de cardamomo relleno de crema de almendras y nata. En mi caso, he optado por la nata y el mascarpone, ya que para mi gusto, queda, además de con una mejor textura y cuerpo, mucho más rico.
Tocino de cielo tradicional

Traditional heavenly bacon

The homemade recipe for tocino de cielo, this traditional dessert of Spanish gastronomy with more than 500 years of history, has great followers and, apart from being a perfect dessert to enjoy on Sundays with the family, it is also an ideal recipe to take advantage of the yolks. of eggs on the day you have a surplus*.
Paté de Pascua (Pâté de Pâques)-Claudia&Julia

Easter Pâté (Pâté de Pâques)

This Easter, I invite you to join us in preparing a recipe that brings the spirit of spring directly to our table: the French recipe for Pâté de Pâques (Easter Pâté). This dish, with roots in the heart of France's Loire Valley, is more than just a meal; It is a symbol of celebration, uniting the delicacy of pâté and the tradition of Easter eggs in a perfect harmony of flavors and textures.
Receta de Estofado de Ternera en olla rápida

Beef stew in a quick cooker

Discover the art of preparing beef stew in a slow cooker, a recipe that transforms beef and vegetables into a sublime and comforting dish, perfect for those who value time without wanting to give up flavor. At the heart of modern cuisine, the slow cooker emerges as an indispensable ally, allowing us to enjoy tender and juicy cuts of beef in less time than would traditionally be required, without compromising the richness of the flavors that characterize a traditional stew.
Peras al vino tinto-Claudia&Julia

Pears in red wine

Maybe you don't know that this traditional Pears in Wine dessert that you've probably heard about is a very easy recipe to make. In addition to delicious and elegant! Delve into the fascinating tradition of Pears in Red Wine!
Receta de pastel de manzanas caramelizadas en croute

Apple and caramelized walnut pie en croûte

One of the delicacies that cannot be missing in any homemade sweets recipe is apple pie. Whether in its most classic version with a puff pastry base or cooked upside down with the illustrious surname Tatin, any preparation that combines a crunchy dough with apples is a guaranteed success. And that is precisely what you are going to get with this caramelized apple and walnut pie en croûte.
Cantucci: galletas de almendra italianas-Claudia&Julia

Cantucci: Italian almond cookies

These charming Italian cookies, known as Cantucci or almond biscotti , are a crunchy delight that has captivated palates for generations. Similar to carquiñolis, their characteristic toasted almond flavor and crunchy texture make them a favorite choice, especially during the Christmas festivities.
Cerdo asado con manzanas y arándanos secos-Claudia&Julia

Roasted pork with apples and dried cranberries

Roasted pork with apples is one of those recipes that never goes out of style in my home. Since my childhood, the enticing aroma that fills the kitchen when this dish is cooking has been synonymous with special moments and family celebrations. The flavor of juicy, tender pork combined with the natural sweetness of caramelized apples, which blend in every bite, creates a symphony of flavors that awaken the senses. And it is super easy to prepare!
Pollo al vino con morillas-Claudia&Julia

Chicken in wine with morels

Chicken in wine with morels is a classic option, combining the best of comforting cuisine with a touch of elegance. This recipe, perfect for festivities and celebrations, highlights the flavor of chicken in a rich wine and morel sauce that will delight all your guests. Accompanied with a garnish of pâtes fraîches, this dish becomes the star of a festive table, full of unmatched flavors and irresistible aromas.
Diferencias (¡y recetas!) entre Canapé, Montadito, Pincho y Otros Aperitivos Clásicos-Claudia&Julia

Differences (and recipes!) between Canapé, Montadito, Pincho and Other Classic Appetizers

In the wide range of appetizers and bites that delight palates around the world, confusion often arises over the terms used to describe these gastronomic delights. Let's demystify some of these common terms and clarify the differences between canapé, montadito, pincho and other classic appetizers. In the end, I leave you with links to some recipes that I think you will love to see (And enjoy!).
Aperitivos rápidos y deliciosos: 6 recetas para brillar en las celebraciones familiares-Claudia&Julia

Quick and delicious appetizers: 6 recipes to shine at family celebrations

Which appetizer will you like the most? I think that among these options of canapes and toasts that we bring you today, you won't know which one to decide on... Because they are all delicious appetizers! In addition, making them takes very little time but you will look wonderfully well at engagement lunches and dinners. Look at the appetizers we bring you! I hope you find them inspiring. Let's go get them!
Pastel de cebolla, paso a paso-Claudia&Julia

Onion cake, step by step

Back to the cold, Back to the oven! I find it to be a wonderful ally in the kitchen, because it allows me to not worry about tending to the stove and the result is always fantastic. And this onion cake is good proof of this, you will immediately see why!