Magdalenas de Pascua con nidos de chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Easter cupcakes with chocolate nests

Celebrate the arrival of spring and the joy of Easter with a recipe that captures the festive spirit of this time of year: Chocolate Nest Easter Cupcakes. This recipe is the perfect balance of tradition and fun, designed to bring smiles and delicious flavors to your Easter table. Each cupcake is transformed into an enchanting nest, topped with dark chocolate frosting and adorned with colorful Easter eggs, capturing the essence of springtime renewal and rejoicing.

Bizcocho Nordic Express de coco-Claudia&Julia

Nordic Express coconut cake

Not only does it result in a beautiful train: this coconut cake recipe is a delicious snack, and the most convenient to eat thanks to the format in which it is presented. The Nordic Ware Nordic Express Train mold is wonderful! It provides you with several long, narrow cakes with a divine design, which are also super convenient to serve and eat, either giving one carload per diner, or breaking them into several bites each.
Conejitos de Pascua: Bizcochitos de miel y vainilla

Easter Bunnies: Honey Vanilla Cupcakes

I bring you some snacks that are as easy to prepare as they are fun: they are honey and vanilla cupcakes in the shape of Easter bunnies. They are perfect for decorating the mona with edible figurines, or to serve individually with coffee, at breakfast or as a snack.
Pasca cu Branza - Pastel de Pascua relleno de queso

Pasca cu Branza - Easter cake filled with cheese

When Holy Week arrives we enter a time when we are invaded by a lot of wonderful and extraordinary sweet recipes, such as torrijas. But, there is a wide variety of sweets scattered around the world that are also consumed at this time of year and that we should not miss. Like this Pasca cu Branza - Easter cake filled with cheese.
Recetas tradicionales de Pascua

Traditional Easter Recipes

We are undoubtedly a country of traditions and we have a lot of popular Easter recipes that are part of our gastronomy and our culture. I was excited to make a compilation of them.
Ideas para hacer monas de Pascua fáciles

Ideas to make easy Easter cakes

We bring you some ideas to make this Easter sweet and jovial, and that do not require great pastry knowledge. Because this Easter more than any other we are going to want to prepare our Easter sweets at home.
Leche frita (receta tradicional)

Fried milk (traditional recipe)

We are going to do our bit so that this delicacy, the authentic fried milk recipe , does not disappear! I really wanted to bring a homemade dessert, one of those that are very popular and curiously, it is being lost in many homes where there is no grandmother nearby. So today I bring you one of the most popular desserts in our country, especially typical of Easter (in fact, it also takes the name of Easter milk, Lenten milk or basca milk ).
Ravioli dulces de queso con miel

Sweet honey cheese ravioli

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like pasta, right? I would say that it is almost impossible, since there are many varieties and it would be extremely rare not to find one that suits your tastes. Well, the same thing happens with ravioli, this pasta can be filled with anything you can imagine, there is even a version of sweet ravioli.

Tarta pascualina

Cake Pascualina

The Easter cake is a cake from Italy and is prepared during Easter to celebrate spring. It is ideal to take it to a picnic or outdoor meals. It is made up of puff pastry and a tasty filling, typical of the Ligurian culinary tradition, based on spinach, ricotta and eggs that are revealed when the first slice is cut.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

We couldn't get to these dates without the Hot Cross Buns recipe, those delicious typical Easter buns, stuffed with raisins and marked with that cross that makes them so recognizable, so pretty and so tempting. The truth is that there are many stories that surround them, Rosa (author of Pemberley Cup&Cakes) tells us some of them -You will see how beautiful!-, and brings us this delicious recipe so that you can also make them at home. Very happy Easter!

Potaje de vigilia

Vigil Potaje

As we do not want the traditions to be lost, today Luisa (author of Cooking with my Carmela) brings us the recipe for stew of vigil, a dish that is traditionally served on Friday of Lent and that surely, with the cold that still accompanies this year, you will be grateful to drink it warm. To enjoy!

Coca de recapte

Recapture Coca

Eva, author of Bake-Street, brings us the recipe to make coca de recapte. A coca full of tradition, that although we show it with its classic escalivada filling with sardines, you can adapt it and serve the coca salty or sweet to your liking.