We bring you some ideas to make this Easter sweet and jovial, and that do not require great pastry knowledge . Because this Easter more than any other we are going to want to prepare our Easter sweets at home.

Surely our little ones will appreciate receiving their mona, and although I encourage you to make a traditional mona to preserve traditions and enjoy at home a dough with a unique and exquisite flavor (you have the recipe for it here ), there are other alternatives to that, easy Easter solutions, the most colorful and cheerful that do not entail, at all, great complications.

1. Bundt cake filled with surprises

The beauty of bundt molds is that, without any additional effort on our part, we get a cake with the most beautiful and elegant appearance. They are a very good alternative to make the most beautiful monkey at home.

How to use bundt molds to celebrate Easter?

  1. Make your bundt cake, you can use any traditional cake recipe or follow any recipe we have on the blog (you will see them here ).
  2. Let it cool, and decide if you want to give it a simple look, dusting it with icing sugar, or apply a coating (some plain icing*) or you can cover it in chocolate, or chocolate with almond or hazelnut pieces.
  3. Fill the inside of the bundt with candy or chocolate eggs or coins. The kids will love it! You can also choose to buy an egg or chocolate figure (these days you even have them in the nearest supermarkets) and place it in the center.
  4. You can also apply some floral decorations around (they make Easter 100%, given that call to Palm Sunday), or use candied fruit or candied fruit for its preparation (in the photo you can see the chiffon cake with candied oranges, whose recipe you will see here ).

Remember! You will find several very interesting ingredients for your Easter cakes in our pantry section , such as delicious coconut oil, hazelnut oil, almond oil, and other cold-pressed oils that are the finest, pearl sugar, authentic Madagascar vanilla extract...

You can find plenty of Nordic Ware bundt pans here , or the one you like in the picture is the Le Creuset bundt pan .

Easy Easter cake ideas

2. Use a crown mold

In the same way that we invited you to use a bundt mold to make your cake in a beautiful and easy way, you can use a crown mold (a low mold that offers a wide circular space in its center). You can use a crown mold exactly as discussed above.

Some alternative ideas in this case for your presentation could be:

  • Apply noodles or colored chocolate balls on top of the chocolate coating (Do you know how happy the little ones get with those cakes covered in a thousand and one colored noodles?)
  • You can apply a frosting in a zig-zag pattern along the entire length of the cake, it looks very nice too!
  • You can cover half a circle with one type of icing or icing, and the other half with something else. A good example of this would be to make half a cake covered in dark chocolate, and the other half in white chocolate (you can decorate one and the other with colored noodles, or one part with noodles and another with colored balls).
  • With the help of a pastry bag , make mounds of pastry cream along the entire perimeter, and on top of each one you can put a chocolate egg, a cherry or strawberry, or colored shavings.

In the store we have the De Buyer crown mold and the Le Creuset crown mold , both of which you can use for this purpose.

De Buyer crown mold

3. Easter bunnies

Grace is in the mold! Let a shaped mold illuminate the table: prepare the traditional yogurt dough, or your favorite cake (it can be almond, carrot, cocoa...), and pour the dough into a mold in the shape of Easter bunnies (or ducklings, with the Sweet Tweets mold ). You have almost everything done! You can finish decorating them with a little chocolate or paste, wrap them in film, surround them with chocolates... Or put them on top of another baked cake on a wide tray, and it will be a treat.

If you want to make the bunnies vanilla and lemon, you can see the recipe here .

easter bunnies

4. Decorated tall cake

Use a tall pan (a panettone pan or a tall springform pan, like the one in KitchenCraft ) to make a very tall sponge cake. Decorate it in a very simple way, with mascarpone cream cheese (mascarpone simply whipped with sugar) and add some decoration, such as chocolate noodles, Lacasitos, colored nuts, fresh fruit...). You can also add some decorative Easter chicks!

Bake some cookies in the shape of a rabbit, or oval in the shape of an egg. Just before removing them from the oven, while they are still tender, stick a skewer or toothpick into them and let them cool.

Stick the cookie lollipops into the cake, and you will have an Easter cake that is as delicious as it is pretty.

easy easter mona

5. Decorated cupcakes

If there is a sweet that is common in all houses, it is muffins and cupcakes. It will be a lot of fun for the little ones in the house to make and decorate these homemade sweets!

You can make them simple or you can fill them with cream, chocolate, lemon curd or jam . What will be the joy at the table is the decoration that you give it, either more sober (you can decorate them with nuts and honey) or with chocolates, coins, whipped cream (with fruit or jam on top), fruit, Lacasitos, shavings of chocolate... I invite you to look at the photo to get some ideas.

    decorated cupcake ideas

    6. Carrot cake with cream cheese

    How about making a classic covered in cream cheese? Prepare a delicious sponge cake, moist and fluffy, and cover it with the cream cheese that everyone likes.

    You can see the recipe here .

    carrot cake recipe

    Utensils to make your cupcakes and decorated cupcakes

    Here are some utensils that may be convenient for your cupcakes and other creations:

    Some simple toppings for your cakes

    Orange glaze : melt 20g of butter together with 20ml of orange juice and, once hot, add 60g of icing sugar. Mix well until the sugar is completely dissolved.

    Lemon icing : add the juice of 1 lemon to 120 gr of icing sugar little by little, stirring continuously until it reaches the right consistency. If we see that it is not enough, we add a teaspoon of water.

    Chocolate Glaze: 2 00gr of 70% pastry chocolate, 200gr of 35% mg cream and 3 tablespoons of liquid glucose (or Golden Syrup). In a saucepan with a thick bottom, mix all the ingredients and bring to medium heat, stirring well until everything has dissolved and we obtain a thick cream. Remove from heat and reserve. (Note that this glaze hardens when it warms; do not pour it too hot, as it will tend to spread, nor too thick, or it will not spread easily).

    I hope all these ideas inspire you to make some of the most beautiful homemade cuties. Do not forget to tell us in comments what other easy and beautiful alternatives we can do at home on these dates. It's so nice to share ideas!

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