Bizcocho Madeira de limón y grosellas-Claudia&Julia

Lemon and currant Madeira sponge cake

¡Espero enamorarte hoy con este bizcocho! El bizcocho Madeira, también conocido como Madeira cake, es un tipo de bizcocho clásico de origen británico, y si bien puede parecer de entrada el clásico bizcocho de limón, es un bizcocho de textura esponjosa y suave, húmedo, y sumado al rico aroma a limón lo han convertido en un clásico y en uno de mis bizcochos favoritos. Hoy, lo presentamos relleno de mermelada de grosellas y una capa de queso mascarpone al toque de limón delicioso y de lo más fácil de hacer.
Bizcocho de fresas y chocolate blanco

Bizcocho de fresas y chocolate blanco

Desde que probé por primera vez un bizcocho de fresas con chocolate, se convirtió en uno de mis favoritos. ¡Y no podéis imaginar lo riquísima que está esta receta! La jugosidad que toma el bizcocho, junto con el sabor de las fresas asadas, hace que cada bocado sepa a gloria.
Focaccia dulce de chocolate

Chocolate focaccia

I'm dying to share this unique and delicious recipe! Today we will discover together the wonderful world of Chocolate Focaccia. This surprising variant, sweet and tempting, is the perfect choice for a special breakfast or snack.
Tarta fácil de caramelo salado y chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Easy Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake

Uncomplicated but with all the indulgence we could want, this caramel and chocolate cake is simply one of the easiest recipes you can make... But it is delicious! If you shape it into a heart, it is also the perfect recipe for Valentine's Day, or to make love shine at home. Are you up for that?
Mini bizcocho marmolado de chocolate y vainilla-Claudia&Julia

Mini marbled chocolate and vanilla sponge cake

Chocolate or vanilla? If you like them equally and you always have the same doubt, I bring you the solution with this delicious recipe for chocolate and vanilla marble cake, in mini format. This way you won't have to give up either and you can taste the best of both worlds in every bite.
Galette de queso de cabra, higos y avellanas (tarta salada de temporada)-Claudia&Julia

Goat cheese, fig and hazelnut galette (seasonal savory tart)

If you have ever heard that grapes with cheese taste like a kiss, I can assure you that the union of purple figs with cheese is no wonder. This goat cheese, fig and thyme galette is a good example of this perfect combination and one of the most successful recipes at home, during fig season.
Brioche con pesto de ajo silvestre-Claudia&Julia

Brioche with wild garlic pesto

Today I bring a brioche with wild garlic pesto that I'm sure you'll love. It is a recipe that is easy to make, that is very colorful and that is ideal both to accompany any dish, to present with a cheese and cold meats platter, along with a caprese salad or to be savored just as it is.
Quiche de tomate crujiente

Crispy tomato quiche

This crunchy tomato quiche recipe has everything to make a name for itself among your favourites. I hope to surprise you with this dish that is very easy to prepare, and that allows you to take advantage of time while doing other things (and you can even have it cooked beforehand)... And it is very, very tasty!
Bizcocho de almendra, limón y mascarpone-Claudia&Julia

Almond, lemon and mascarpone cake

It was seeing a spongy cake whose ingredients advertised almond flour and lemon, and thinking that it had to be delicious -With what we like at home, the Santiago cake, that cake pointed out that it would undoubtedly remind me of her, but with a more biscuit dough. That's how it has been, and it has triumphed among our friends!
Plum cake de naranja y pasas

Orange and raisin plum cake

There are a thousand ways to make plumcake, but in this recipe I give you one of the best I've tried, due to its combination of ease, fluffiness, flavor, and the fact that you can make it with ingredients you usually have at home.
Tiramisú de limón

Lemon Tiramisu

There are recipes that are delicious in their traditional form, there are recipes that are successful in all corners of the earth because they are simple, fast and tasty. This is the case of tiramisu, an Italian dessert that has been covered over and over again and to which today we give a new twist with this lemon version, which is most refreshing and appetizing (if possible).

Tarta de atún, queso feta y aceitunas negras

Tuna tart, feta cheese and black olives

Today's recipe is a cake that tastes and smells like summer, picnic afternoons and dinners on the terrace. With very Mediterranean reminiscences that come with feta cheese, oregano or black olives. A cake covered in the purest "pie" style that I am sure you will love and that in addition to making it as I indicate, you can vary it to your liking in many different ways, taking inspiration from the suggestions that you will find at the end.