Cómo elaborar mantequilla de frutos secos (mantequilla de cacahuete, de almendra...)-Claudia&Julia

How to make nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter...)

Do you know what happens if you put nuts in a food processor and start grinding and grinding? That you turn that nut into butter (Yes, with nothing more than the nut itself). Are you a fan of hazelnut butter? Or peanut butter? So, without a doubt, you have to try making it homemade. And if instead of using the dried fruit you use it toasted, you will increase the intensity of the butter flavor, and it will be gold for your recipes!
Cómo hacer crema frangipane tradicional-Claudia&Julia

How to make traditional frangipane cream

Frangipane cream is a typical French pastry cream, with a mild almond flavor and widely used in all kinds of cakes and biscuits. It is a cream that is made by mixing traditional pastry cream and almond cream. With it, for example, the classic Galette de Rois (Kings cake) is made or it is also a classic in pear cakes and biscuits, among many others.
Salsa de arándanos para tus tartas, crepes, yogur, bizcochos y muffins-Claudia&Julia

Blueberry sauce for your cakes, crepes, yogurt, cakes and muffins

We often look for a side that is as juicy as it is delicious to accompany crepes and waffles, and this cranberry sauce that I bring you today takes just a few minutes to make, and it is delicious.

It is also perfect for filling or decorating cakes, for biscuits and bundt cakes, or for your cupcakes and muffins:
Mantequilla de ajo

garlic butter

Loved and hated in equal parts, garlic is the ideal partner to add to butter for a flavorful dressing that will take your breath away. Preparing a delicious garlic butter is as simple as it is grateful for its result. You will see that it is made almost without mess and in a flash you will have turned a good butter into a special ingredient, which will raise the category of your dishes and give you much joy. To you and your guests!
Mermelada de naranja a la miel

Honey orange marmalade

This recipe for how to make homemade orange marmalade comes from the hand of the French chef Philippe Laruelle, and it is a sure success thanks to the advice and proportions that he provides us.
Relleno de cerezas para tartas y pasteles

Cherry filling for tarts and cakes

You are going to make a cherry filling for tarts, tartlets and biscuits in just a few minutes and it is really delicious. The filling of cherries (or any fruit you use) is a most versatile and addictive preparation: the process is the same as if you make cherry jam, but with a much lower proportion of sugar, so it is healthier and you you will eat it without remorse.
Recetas de pestos para hacer en casa

Pesto recipes to make at home

Pesto sauce is one of the best known and most popular sauces in Italian gastronomy, which due to its multiple uses and possible combinations has become popular throughout the world.

You can find pesto sauce in all supermarkets, but the truth be told: nothing like homemade pesto. Trust me, making a fresh pesto sauce is super easy, and it's second to none.
Ajos asados: cómo hacerlos y cómo usarlos

Roasted garlic: how to make them and how to use them

I bring you a basic kitchen, roasted garlic, an essential preparation both to enjoy them as is and to increase the flavor and result of any dish in which you use it. Here you will find how to make roasted garlic, how to use it in your recipes, and also ideas to take advantage of the wonderful oil flavored with roasted garlic that results from preserving roasted garlic in oil.
Cómo hacer brown butter y cómo usarla

How to make brown butter and how to use it

If you haven't heard of brown butter, a world will open up to you today. Brown butter , also called noisette butter, hazelnut butter or brown butter, is the ingredient that works wonders in any recipe, whether it's baking or savory recipes, and it's super easy to make. the brown butter level up any recipe you make with it (There's a reason some people call it "liquid gold"!).
Salsas fáciles para tus recetas de verano

Easy sauces for your summer recipes

Today I bring you some ideal sauces to accompany all your dishes and appetizers this summer.

As we often celebrate summer with our friends and family, I come with some delicious sauce recipes that will save you in many dinners, appetizers and meals, and with which you will surprise all your guests. These sauces are as delicious as they are easy to make.

Mermelada de fresas casera

Homemade strawberry jam

Today I bring you my favorite jam recipe, the homemade strawberry jam recipe that I like the most and that drives my kids crazy too. It's really simple to do, but the intention of today's post is precisely to encourage you to start making your own jam if you haven't already, because it's very worth it.
Cómo hacer alioli tradicional

How to make traditional aioli

The traditional ali oli is a delicious sauce that is used as an accompaniment to fish or shellfish dishes, grilled meats and is also served with paellas and fideuás. The word ali oli comes from Catalan and means garlic oil.