Sopa de cebolla

Onion soup

Autumn has arrived, or at least that's what the calendar says, so dinners arrive at home where soups and creams begin to take center stage. Today's recipe, the traditional onion soup recipe, is one of the star recipes at home, and best of all, it's very easy to make, but it's one hundred percent comforting!



Michirones are a super typical dish from the Spanish southeast. Both in the Campo de Cartagena, Huerta de Murcia, Vega Baja Alicante and Mazarrón areas, it is a dish that you can easily find in any of its bars, inns or restaurants.

Natillas de vainilla caseras

Homemade vanilla custard

Today I am going to tell you how to make wonderful homemade vanilla-flavored custard that doesn't taste like eggs. As soon as you make them at home, they will become one of your go-to recipes, since they have nothing to do with those you buy in supermarkets.

Papas en amarillo

potatoes in yellow

At home and when the cool season arrives, stews are made more often, and it is the perfect time to remember the recipe for yellow potatoes. In my land, this typical dish is prepared, which is very simple, tasty and cheap. Has it all! It is a dish, as I say, very tasty, and also attractive due to its colors.

Marmitako en cocotte

Marmitako en cocotte

Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet, brings us a most authentic recipe, a marmitako made in cocotte. Marmitako is a tuna-based stew accompanied by onion, potatoes, pepper and tomato. Do not stop preparing it at home, the classics always live for a good reason!

Fabada asturiana

Asturian bean stew

It's a good day to remember a classic from our kitchen! Today Luisa Morón (Cooking with my Carmela) brings us the recipe for the traditional Asturian bean stew, a dish with a spoon, knife and fork, full of flavor and energy.

Sopa Panade con tomate

Panade soup with tomato

We are in the middle of winter and Raquel (author of Los Tragaldabas ) brings us a panade soup with tomato, a spoon dish full of flavor that you will surely appreciate at home. It's time to warm up with this 100% natural recipe!

Cómo hacer patatas asadas tradicionales

How to make traditional roast potatoes

Roasted potatoes have become very popular, since they are perfect to accompany all kinds of dishes (they are suitable for meat, fish and vegetables alike), they are tremendously easy to prepare, and they are delicious!

Crema de calabaza

Pumpkin cream

There's nothing like hot spoon dishes to warm you up. As the cold is already knocking on our doors, Luisa (author of Cooking with my Carmela) brings us a traditional and very autumnal recipe, how to make pumpkin cream. It is a very easy and quick recipe to prepare, which also comes with some tips to make the most attractive creams. Don't miss them!

Guía para comprar tu cocotte Le Creuset

Guide to buy your Le Creuset cocotte

Le Creuset iron cocottes are ideal for slow cooking and for preparing traditional recipes. We have often talked about it, but we have rarely commented on the different cocottes that exist, which are many, and I think it is interesting to talk about which cocotte is the most ideal for each recipe. The cocottes are versatile utensils by definition but it can be good to know what each of the cocottes that we have in the store is most appropriate for.

Fondue de queso (auténtica receta suiza)

Cheese fondue (authentic Swiss recipe)

The fondue is an ideal gift: it is a very nice utensil that you can use both on a day-to-day basis -when you don't feel like big complications and just want to enjoy yourself-, as well as in meetings with family and friends, the fondue being an element that invites to share and have fun with the family.
Fabada asturiana en cocotte

Asturian bean stew in cocotte

I love fall! I love feeling the cold in the morning when I leave the house while I think about how much I missed it. There is another sensation that I also enjoy, and it is that of those comforting dishes that help you get away from the cold.