Michirones are a super typical dish from the Spanish southeast, a super tasty bean stew . Both in the Campo de Cartagena, Huerta de Murcia, Vega Baja Alicante and Mazarrón area, it is a dish that you can easily find in any of its bars, inns or restaurants.

This dish is so popular and rooted in our area that it is even usually served as a tapa or portion in any bar in the area when ordering a drink.

Although at first glance it seems like a very winter stew, which it is, we usually eat it indistinctly at any time of the year and especially during the Spring festivals. Unlike other stews, it is not necessary to eat it hot , although if we are in winter it will be the most appropriate.

Among the basic ingredients of this spicy broad bean stew are, of course, dried broad beans, the authentic protagonists of this dish, which we must soak for 48 hours, changing the water 2 or 3 times during this time. The soaking time is very important as this will help the beans to be more tender and save us some cooking time. A hard or poorly cooked broad bean is not pleasant at all.

Traditionally, michirones are served in clay bowls or casseroles and eaten by piercing them with a wooden toothpick . A curious fact is that the skin, although it can be eaten without problems, we do not usually eat it, they are left on a plate and we only eat the inside of it. Come on, as if they were pipes!

Michirones Recipe

T&G pizza and serving board , Émile Henry kettle and Émile Henry bowls

Ingredients (for 4-6 people)

  • 500 gr of dry broad beans
  • 1 ham bone
  • 2 pieces of Iberian bacon
  • 160 gr of sliced ​​spicy chorizo
  • 2 whole cayenne chillies, not split
  • some pepper balls
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 3-4 garlic cloves, unpeeled
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • Salt and pepper
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. We will soak, 48 hours before preparing the stew, 500 g of dry broad beans in water. We must let them hydrate for 2 days, changing the water 2 or 3 times during this time. The broad beans will begin to increase in size, they will become hydrated and soften, making it not so long to cook. After forty-eight hours we will have 1kg of beans.
  2. Once the beans have hydrated for 48 hours, it will be time to cook them. To do this we will put the ham bone, bacon, chorizo, 2 chillies, about 6-7 pepper balls, bay leaf, garlic and the drained beans in the cocotte or kettle . We pour water to cover two or three fingers above. We cook on medium heat.
  3. Sauté the paprika with a little EVOO and add it to the pot just when it starts to boil.
  4. Once it starts to boil, let it cook between open over medium-low heat for 2 hours. If necessary add more water. The stew should be thick and reddish with its spicy point. At this time we add salt and pepper (Only if you need it!).
  5. Serve in bowls or clay casseroles with the right amount of broth to be able to dip bread in it.

Needless to say, like many other stews, this one will be much better the next day.

michirones in kettle

Board for pizzas and serving T&G , pot Émile Henry and bowls Émile Henry

Author of the recipe: Mercedes de Merceditas Bakery


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