Flan napolitano

Neapolitan pudding

The origin of flan dates back to the Romans, where it was prepared in both a sweet and savory version. The sweet version was much sweeter than the one we know, since it was sweetened with honey. Initially pepper was added, yes, pepper as you hear it, until the pepper was replaced by the current caramel.

Pudin inglés de manzana y vainilla al vapor

Steamed Apple Vanilla English Pudding

Despite the bad reputation that British cuisine has, it is undeniable that pastries are tremendously rich and varied. Years ago, during my time as an English student, I discovered her and fell at her feet ipso facto, but it was not until I adopted a British family as a policy that my eyes were opened to homemade sweets. They are another world.

Flan de queso fresco y caramelo

Fresh cheese and caramel flan

If you feel like preparing an original dessert, you cannot stop preparing this recipe that Virginia, author of Sweet&Sour, brings us. It is a recipe for ricotta cheese and caramel flan, a delicious proposal and very easy to prepare at home. A real vice!

Pan de molde con centeno

Sliced ​​bread with rye

Sliced ​​bread is one of the easiest breads to make, and today Miriam (The Winter Guest) brings us one with rye, perfect to enjoy for breakfast in a healthy and delicious way. Do you dare to try?

Pudin de pan de Viena

Vienna bread pudding

Today Loreto, author of Sabores de Colores, brings us a pudding recipe that you can easily prepare at home and that you will adore, for its speed, simplicity and delicious result. It is a Vienna bread pudding, which she makes in a special mold for flan and pudding that we love, the one from Kitchen Craft. For the recipe, I hope you enjoy it as much as we have made at home!

Tarta de melocotón y almendra (¡y rellena de crema!)

Peach Almond Tart (and Cream Filled!)

It's peaches time and you have to take advantage of it! We bring you a wonderful way to enjoy them, a delicious peach and almond tart that you will adore: filled with cream and with a very easy-to-follow step-by-step.

Quiche à la tomate, niçoise

Quiche a la tomato, niçoise

You will love the quiche that Loreto brings us, from Sabores de Colores! The mixture of olives, tomato and anchovies result in a very Mediterranean flavor, and that in the quiche format is most appetizing and original. Bon Appetite!

Panecillos de Viena

Vienna rolls

How is something as simple as a good piece of bread with chocolate so delicious? Surely many of you will remember to take it often in childhood snacks. Today Miriam, from The Winter Guest, invites us to do it again, but with some delicious homemade Vienna rolls. Will you resist the temptation?

Mermeladas caseras: Nociones básicas para su preparación (Parte I)

Homemade jams: Basic notions for their preparation (Part I)

Making jam is a pleasure, and enjoying it is a real joy. The main process to prepare it is really simple, but there are many points that are important to know. That is why we have asked Virginia, author of Sweet&Sour, to tell us a little more about them, hoping that it will be of interest to you.
Cómo hacer hamburguesas caseras

How to make homemade burgers

Homemade burgers! Who is not clear that they are ten times better than the ones we can buy? They are so because we choose the best meat and mix it with the ingredients that we like the most, and also because what is done at home always has that extra satisfaction that makes us proud.
Mi opinión sobre la picadora de carne manual

My opinion on the manual meat grinder

Making our own meatballs and hamburgers is an easy task. By making them at home we get a really superior flavor to those that can be bought regularly, due to the spices and seasonings that we add to our liking. If we also choose and chop the meat ourselves, the results are ten.
Lubina rellena de manzana e hinojo con reducción de sidra

Apple and fennel stuffed sea bass with cider reduction

I remember well the day that Virginia, author of the Sweet&Sour food blog, told me that she had prepared a sea bass for that weekend that, in a very simple way, had been out of a movie. Knowing her recipes and photos, as many of you already know, I was dying to see the recipe. And here it is! As I ran out of words, I say no more. Just enjoy!