Making our own meatballs and hamburgers is an easy task. By making them at home we get a really superior flavor to those that can be bought regularly, due to the spices and seasonings that we add to our liking. If we also choose and chop the meat ourselves, the results are ten.

Miriam, author of The Winter Guest , has been using manual meat grinders for a long time, so she is talking to us today about this kitchen tool that is becoming more fashionable every day, the Kitchen Craft one.

I am quite a fan of relatively simple and traditional cooking, and if it is reminiscent of flavors of yesteryear and is made with techniques that are still perfectly valid today, even more so. That is why I admit that when I laid eyes on the manual meat grinder I saw myself preparing all kinds of preparations with minced meat and I had to bring it home.

This chopping meat at home is a matter for which I do not see a great need to spend energy other than that of the arm itself; I love manual devices if the difference in efficiency with the electric equivalent is not really great, as is the case with this chopper .

But the advantage that stands out above all else in the fact of being able to mince meat yourself at home is the absolute control you have over the ingredients you use. I don't want this to be understood as a criticism of meat that is sold in stores, but once minced meat reduces its expiration period enormously, since it presents a much greater surface area for germs to attack compared to a whole cut of meat. .

Surely you have noticed that the expiration date of packaged minced meat is less than that of a simple steak. And for that same reason it is necessary to add some type of stabilizer or additive, to avoid at least accelerated oxidation. Well, think that if we mince the meat at home we also save these additives.

This manual mincer is made of iron and weighs its own, but precisely for that reason it is sufficiently stable when using it. Attaches to any table with a clamp, such as pasta machines or vises. It comes equipped with three grinding discs of different sizes, to grind meat into different sizes, as well as having an accessory for sausages.

As the chopper is a fairly simple device in its construction, it is relatively easy to clean. We cannot forget that it is from Kitchen Craft , a brand of kitchen utensils that are always very practical and affordable.

Mincing meat in your own home allows you to prepare all kinds of unconventional meat combinations. I still have to prepare a good French-style liver terrine. And the manual mincer is great if we want to venture to prepare some type of sausage as it was done in many houses and continues to be done in many towns. This is a subject that I still have pending. One of many.

A manual meat grinder is really a fairly modest-sized device that fits almost anywhere and allows you to prepare a wide variety of dishes with all kinds of minced meat. Can you imagine chopping your own meat for hamburgers at the moment? Or the meat to make some championship meatballs? On the blog we have some exquisite Persian kebabs made with this mincer that I encourage you to try.

Mincing the meat at home we can also add all kinds of spices and condiments to give it our most personal touch. In short, if you like cooking and want to surprise your guests with new flavors, this manual mincer would come in handy.


Claudia&Julia said:

Hola Mari Carmen,

Lo sentimos mucho, pero no disponemos del accesorio que comentas. Lamentamos no poder ayudarte con tu consulta.

No obstante, por si pudiera serte de utilidad, disponemos del kit para galletas, compatible con la pistola Le Tube De Buyer:

¡Un saludo!

Maricarmen said:

Estoy buscando un circulo para estas maquinas con una ranura para hacer galletas. Donde lo puedo encontrar?

Lucia said:

Hola Claudia! Muchas gracias por este post, muy útil. Que número de disco recomendas para hacer keppe crudo. Muchas gracias

Isabela said:

Mercedes estoy buscando esa plantilla de hacer galletas años y no ls encuentro por ningún lado me puedes decir dónde la puedo encontrar te lo agradecería un saludo

pepo said:

Hola, generalmente el número corresponde al tamaño, y al diámetro de la salida, en la boca.
nr.5 son las más chicas, y las 32, las más grandes, en las manuales.
muy buena inversion.

Marcelo said:

Hola mi vieja la usaba para hacer las albondigas ,una pregunta por que las maquinas de picar carne tiene numero,gracias

Marcelo said:

Hola mi vieja la usaba para hacer las albondigas ,una pregunta por que las maquinas de picar carne tiene numero,gracias

Claudia&Julia said:

Hola Laura.
Esta picadora manual te iría muy bien y te permitiría conseguir el picado para un rustido tradicional y conseguir esa textura deseada.
Tampoco suelta óxido a la carne, por lo que si buscas una picadora manual, esta es una muy buena opción.
Muchas gracias.

Laura said:

Yo quiero comprarme una picadorapara hacer canelones, con el rustido tradicional, tengo la thermomix, pero no quiero esa textura.Lo que quiero es algo asi, pero que no suelte óxido a la carne y que realmente valga la pena. Espero que me despejeis las dudas. Muchas gracias

Claudia said:

Feliz que te haya servido el post, ahora a disfrutarlo ;) Saludos!

Claudia said:

Hola Mercedes, me alegro mucho que resulte tan bien! enhorabuena y gracias!

rosario said:

Estoy averiguando para adquirir una máquina de moler carne y doy vueltas tras vueltas, entre una nº 8 y una nº 12 pero luego de leer vuestro artículo decidí y compraré una nº 8.Gracias

Mercedes said:

Nosotras la usábamos mucho incluso para hacer unas pastas con otro cirulo cerrado y tenía enmedio una abertura como si fuesen unas olas y saia la masa como ondulada que iva cortando para meter en el horno. Buenisimas

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