Crema de coliflor al curry-Claudia&Julia

Curried cauliflower cream

Today I want to share with you a recipe that has conquered my palate and filled my kitchen with irresistible aromas: Curry Cauliflower Cream. This vegan soup is a true culinary gem, an ode to warmth and comforting nutrition. It has an irresistible flavor!
Crema de setas clásica en cocotte-Claudia&Julia

Classic mushroom cream in cocotte

When the cold weather arrives, nothing better than a comforting cream to go into the cocotte. This time, with our classic mushroom cream recipe, which we prepare in the iron cocotte. The heady aroma of mushrooms sautéing in the kitchen evokes a feeling of warmth and familiarity, like a hug in the form of flavor. The process is a delight for the senses, from the soft crackling as they cook to the irresistible aroma that gradually unfolds.
Crema de guisantes y coco-Claudia&Julia

Pea and coconut cream

This pea and coconut cream recipe is perfect for those days when you don't have much time to prepare lunch or dinner, but you don't want to give up a healthy and delicious dish. A vegan soup full of flavor that, just as it is, is delicious, but that allows endless adaptations to suit everyone's taste.
Crema suave de calabaza (Sopa de calabaza, de Philippe Laruelle)-Claudia&Julia

Smooth pumpkin cream (Pumpkin soup, by Philippe Laruelle)

Pumpkin is one of the star ingredients of autumn, and also the base of a basic and essential cream to warm up in the cold months of the year. Today, this recipe for soft pumpkin cream (or pumpkin soup) is here to stay in the closet of all those who haven't enjoyed it yet. Those of you who are more of a cook will like to know that it is a recipe by the French chef Philippe Laruelle.

Sopa Minestrone de verduras

Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Is there anything in the world more comforting than a soup? It may be, but nothing will make you feel better after enjoying a good hot dish of this preparation. I love soups and creams, of all types and consistencies. The last one I have prepared is this vegetable minestrone soup, with some other variations to adjust it to my tastes and made in record time thanks to the pressure cooker.
Crema de zanahoria asada y jengibre

Roasted carrot and ginger cream

It's time for hot creams and soups, and one of the most popular cream recipes at home is undoubtedly this roasted carrot and ginger cream. It is a healthy soup, which when made with carrots and some pumpkin roasted in the oven greatly enhances the flavor and an exquisite cream is obtained.
Crema de lombarda y pera

Lombard and pear cream

Although this is a very present dish in Christmas menus, nothing should prevent us from incorporating it into our celebrations at any other time of the year. It is an elegant, colorful starter that has everything to win over the stomachs of our guests. Because it's del-li-cio-sa.
Sopa de tomates asados a fuego lento con caballa frita y pesto

Slow-roasted tomato soup with fried mackerel and pesto

If you are a lover of soups and intense flavors, this is the definitive soup. It is a soup that is made after roasting ripe sweet tomatoes with garlic, thyme and olive oil. The resulting puree from that roast is absolutely delicious and intense.
Crema de espárragos y champiñones con leche de coco en olla rápida

Cream of asparagus and mushrooms with coconut milk in a slow cooker

We have to learn not to complicate ourselves too much, I say that I am always busy, but that is why I love to prepare delicious recipes looking for the most comfortable and fastest way. That is why I am taking out my WMF pressure cooker again, to prepare a cream that you will want to sign up to have ready in the fridge for any occasion and you cannot imagine how well asparagus combine with mushrooms and coconut milk .
Sopa de cebolla

Onion soup

Autumn has arrived, or at least that's what the calendar says, so dinners arrive at home where soups and creams begin to take center stage. Today's recipe, the traditional onion soup recipe, is one of the star recipes at home, and best of all, it's very easy to make, but it's one hundred percent comforting!

Crema de lentejas rojas

Red lentil cream

We are in season for soups and creams that comfort our body and spirit. That is why we bring this succulent red lentil cream with a spice and some reasonably oriental ingredients.

Caldereta de rape con almejas

Monkfish stew with clams

On the occasion of WMF's new launch of the innovative FusionTec pots, we invited Julio to make us a perfect recipe for this upcoming Christmas or to look good at any engagement meal, a delicious stew or monkfish stew with clams. I leave you with the video recipe, and below you have the details of the ingredients and the steps to follow for its preparation.