Gua-bao: pan chino al vapor relleno de pato y cebolla caramelizada-Claudia&Julia

Gua-bao: Chinese steamed bread stuffed with duck and caramelized onion

Discover the magic of Gua Bao, a delicious Chinese steamed bread that has conquered palates around the world. Originating from Taiwan, this soft, fluffy bread is a staple in Asian cuisine, known for its versatility and ability to adapt to a wide variety of fillings.
Mejillones al vapor con ajo y perejil-Claudia&Julia

Steamed mussels with garlic and parsley

If there is a perfect recipe for a quick dinner, one of those in which you barely have time to cook, it is steamed mussels with garlic and parsley. It is prepared in a few minutes and the result is the tastiest. In addition, we are facing a food with many health benefits. They are fantastic!
Habitas salteadas con ajo, mozzarella y tomate seco

Sautéed broad beans with garlic, mozzarella and dried tomato

I bring you a recipe with beans from my day to day that I love. I love the rooms. I like them simply sautéed with garlic; the day I want to treat myself I add mozzarella, which when it melts is scary with the beans. But the way I enjoy them the most is taking just two more minutes and sautéing them with mozzarella, dried tomatoes in oil and pine nuts. What a rich combination!
Pechuga con puré de apio y moniato con la Vitalis

Chicken breast with celery puree and sweet potato with Vitalis

This recipe for chicken breast with celery and sweet potato puree is delicious! We have prepared it with the steamer Vitalis Aroma by WMF . It is a very balanced and nutritional recipe, and since it has been steamed, it makes it much healthier and conserves all its nutrients.
Ternera con ratatouille de verano y patatas baby al limón

Veal with summer ratatouille and lemon baby potatoes

Today I bring you a most sensational dish for this summer! It is a veal served with summer ratatouille and lemon baby potatoes, which we prepare with the WMF vitalis pot, a wonderful pot with infinite possibilities (You will see that it is not only used for steaming!).
Patatas al vapor rellenas con bacon y parmesano

Steamed potatoes stuffed with bacon and parmesan

The Vitalis pot is today one of the most popular pots for steam cooking. Its success lies in the versatility of the uses of the pot on the one hand, and on the other hand, being made of stainless steel, it is a pot that will last us a lifetime in the kitchen.
Terrina cuajada de espárragos y gambas

Asparagus and prawn curd terrine

I love terrine recipes! I find them a tremendous resource for Sundays, holidays, to take away and to look good. Today's is a recipe for asparagus and prawns, delicious, and it comes from the hand of WMF Spain.
Salmón al vapor con verduras y salsa Teriyaki

Steamed salmon with vegetables and Teriyaki sauce

Today's recipe is one of the healthiest that we can get between chest and back. A steamed salmon with vegetables and teriyaki sauce that tastes like heaven and is prepared in a jiffy. All advantages for a great dish that we love and leaves us more than satisfied every time we prepare it.

Mejillones al vapor con picadillo de tomate

Steamed mussels with chopped tomato

It means arriving at this time of year and putting myself in "dinners on the terrace" mode, with friends, in a lively environment and with cool recipes that take me very little work. Without a doubt, the one that never fails is the steamed mussels, which is one of the easiest dishes to prepare that you can resort to. It is an inexpensive dish that everyone usually likes, and washed down with a good Ribeiro... What am I going to tell you that you don't know!

Recetas del primer Showcooking de Claudia&Julia en Madrid, con WMF

Recipes from the first Claudia&Julia Showcooking in Madrid, with WMF

A week ago we were in Madrid. We went neither more nor less than to the Miele facilities in Alcobendas, with the WMF team and with two collaborators whom I appreciate very much, Miriam and Carmen, to enjoy a fabulous afternoon.

Bizcocho de limón al vapor

steamed lemon cake

You can cook some super fluffy steamed biscuits. You can do it both in a pressure cooker and in other utensils designed for steam cooking. In this case, we are going to show you how to do it in the WMF Vitalis Pot.

Dorada al vapor con limón y romero

Steamed sea bream with lemon and rosemary

The simplest recipes are usually the ones that we repeat the most. Today I bring you one of them, a simple and very healthy recipe, but absolutely delicious. A steamed sea bream flavored with lemon, rosemary and pink pepper, which will make you banish forever the idea that steamed fish is boring. The meat is terribly juicy and smooth, and also the flavors are enhanced thanks to the fact that the sea bream is cooked in its own juices. The touch of lemon and rosemary, together with the pink pepper, give it a fresh touch and a surprising counterpoint to the palate of this recipe.