Salteado de butifarra esparracada, setas, calabaza, huevo poché y aceite de trufa

Sautéed esparracada sausage, mushrooms, pumpkin, poached egg and truffle oil

Last week our friend Stéphane Poussardin was in our demonstration space, We Love Cooking, preparing some delicious recipes with De Buyer's Mineral B iron pans. Today I want to bring you one of the ones that I liked the most because of how easy and original it is. I hope you like it :)
Corn bread (pan de maiz) con calabacín

Corn bread with zucchini

Corn bread is a variety of traditional United States bread that is very easy to prepare. As many people lately ask me for bread recipes of all kinds, either to make with the bread maker, with the Emile Henry bread oven or different recipes that are easy, I thought you might be interested in this recipe.
Crema de setas con langostinos crujientes y capuchino de cacao

Mushroom cream with crispy prawns and cocoa cappuccino

This delicious and original recipe was made by our friend Stéphane Poussardin in the Claudia&Julia showroom, We Love Cooking. Stéphane is a good friend who has a beautiful space in Barcelona (L'Atelier d'Stéphane) where he offers creative market cooking workshops and tasting menus for small groups.
Curado y cuidado de las sartenes de hierro Mineral De Buyer

Seasoning process and care of iron pans Mineral De Buyer

One of our customers' favorite products are De Buyer iron ore pans. They are very natural pans that allow us to recover the flavors of a lifetime, whether we are frying an egg or some potatoes or if we are cooking a good steak. In addition, they are pans with a very affordable price and that can last us a lot of years if we give them proper maintenance.
Arroz tailandés con marisco

Thai rice with seafood

This delicious recipe with suggestive Asian flavors and aromas is very easy to prepare. The most difficult thing may be finding some typical ingredients of Asian or Latin cuisine, although every day it is easier to find these ingredients in large supermarkets or in small Asian or Latin food stores.
¿Qué sartén debo comprar?

What pan should I buy?

A few days ago a friend called me and told me that she was looking at my website, since she wanted a frying pan, but she didn't know which frying pan to buy. He told me that he wanted a "normal" frying pan and that on our website they were very expensive.

Espaguetis con salsa carbonara

Spaghetti with carbonara sauce

This traditional Italian recipe is a favorite at home. It is about spaghetti with a delicious sauce of bacon and egg. It is ideal accompanied by a green salad or a little arugula. It is prepared very quickly with a frying pan and a Le Creuset non-stick saucepan.
Tajine de cordero con ciruelas pasas y almendras

Lamb tagine with prunes and almonds

The lamb tagine is a very popular dish that we can make with our Emile Henry tagine. The tagine condenses the cooking steam in its peculiar lid until it recovers its liquid state and falls back on the food. In this way the lamb is cooked over a low heat, leaving a tender and very tasty meat. It can be presented at the table in the tagine itself.
Pollo al vino (receta de Coq au vin)

Chicken in wine (Coq au vin recipe)

Coq au vin (or chicken recipe in wine as we would say here) is a classic dish of French cuisine of Occitan origin, really delicious.