Vasos de Crema de Vainilla con frutos rojos

Cups of Vanilla Cream with red fruits

Although there are countless recipes for varied creams, with some of the richest results, I assure you that the flavor of this vanilla cream with red berries is so soft and delicate that it will captivate you. A single teaspoon of these little glasses is enough to totally surrender to it and turn it into THE VANILLA CREAM, with capital letters, par excellence.
Tarta de fresas y albahaca

Tarta de fresas y albahaca

Combinar fresas y albahaca, ¿no te parece un acierto maravilloso? Por si te queda alguna duda, la receta de hoy las disipará todas con solo dar un mordisco a la maravillosa tarta de fresas y albahaca que hoy te muestro. Una tarta con mucho sabor y llena de aromas frescos y primaverales, perfecta para servir en cualquier momento del día.
Tarta tiramisú

tiramisu cake

Go ahead, before anyone raises their hand, this tiramisu cake recipe is a version of one of the quintessential Italian desserts, a different way of preparing and presenting it that, I can assure you, is delicious.
Galletas de avena y chocolate (sin azúcar y sin gluten)

Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies (sugar free and gluten free)

Making healthy bars couldn't be easier! To make these oatmeal and chocolate cookies or bars that are totally sugar-free and full of energy, it's just a matter of taking a few ingredients, mixing in 2 minutes and baking... In 12 minutes you'll have them ready! And the truth is that they are delicious. You dare?
Barquillos rellenos de crema o nata (neulas tradicionales rellenas)

Wafers filled with cream or cream (traditional stuffed neulas)

If something makes a traditional holiday in my house it is to bring to the table some wafers or stuffed "neulas", as we always call them at home. We love them! They are never lacking on the Christmas and Easter table, and we take them out after dessert, along with nougats or tea cakes, at coffee time. They're a perfect sweet bite to end the meal, AND they're so easy to make at home!
Cómo hacer orejas de Carnaval

How to make carnival ears

Whether flakes, orellas, orelletes, beignets or carnival ears, among many other names, surely you know in depth or have heard of this fried, crunchy and addictive sweet, typical of these dates and which owes its most popular name to a curious story.
Receta de croissants de almendra

Almond Croissants (How to make Frangipane Cream Filled Croissants)

You will be surprised how easy these delicious almond croissants (or croissant, or croissant) that I bring you today are to make. These are croissants that we will make with puff pastry and filled with an almond cream that will overwhelm your senses: the delicacy of each bite and its mild almond flavor, together with the tenderness of the dough, make it become a croissants recipe essential at home.
Cómo hacer crema frangipane tradicional

How to make traditional frangipane cream

Frangipane cream is a typical French pastry cream, with a mild almond flavor and widely used in all kinds of cakes and biscuits. It is a cream that is made by mixing traditional pastry cream and almond cream. With it, for example, the classic Galette de Rois (Kings cake) is made or it is also a classic in pear cakes and biscuits, among many others.
Crepes remolino de arándanos

Blueberry Swirl Crepes

If crepes are a real treat, these blueberry swirl crepes are a complete delight. Perfect for their simple preparation, they are as tasty as they are charming. It is to bring them to the table and disappear from the plate!
Salsa de arándanos para tus tartas, crepes, yogur, bizcochos y muffins

Blueberry sauce for your cakes, crepes, yogurt, cakes and muffins

We often look for a side that is as juicy as it is delicious to accompany crepes and waffles, and this cranberry sauce that I bring you today takes just a few minutes to make, and it is delicious.

It is also perfect for filling or decorating cakes, for biscuits and bundt cakes, or for your cupcakes and muffins:
Casca de Reis (casca de Reyes)

Casca de Reis (casca de Reyes)

I am fascinated by all the classic, traditional elaborations and even with an old or vintage look. I think they have a very distinctive quirky elegance that makes it hard to draw attention away from them. Among the wide variety of sweets typical of these dates, this year you cannot stop preparing the Casca de Reis, the typical Valencian Christmas sweet that must be present on the table on Three Kings Day.

Roscón de brioche de Reyes

Roscón de brioche de Reyes

If you are still waiting for Three Kings Day with the same enthusiasm as when you were little, you will love today's recipe. This Roscón de Reyes is a Brioche roscón, an accessible and easy-to-make dough, with just the right amount of sweetness. And of course, there is no lack of the typical broad bean, which has always made us laugh so much at home, young and old.