Delicias marinas: Pulpo en tempura con alioli de wasabi y cilantro

Octopus tempura with wasabi and coriander alioli

¡Llega el calor y es el momento perfecto para disfrutar de deliciosas tapas y sabores refrescantes! Toma nota de esta irresistible receta de "Pulpo en tempura con alioli de wasabi y cilantro", porque es una opción ideal para compartir y disfrutar en los cálidos días de verano.
Rollitos de lenguado con verduras en juliana

Rollitos de lenguado con verduras en juliana

Estoy convencida de que el horno se inventó para solucionar las cenas de los días más agotadores, en los que solo queda la energía justa para comer algo antes de irte a la cama. Para muestra, un botón; más concretamente unos rollos de lenguado con espaguetis de verduras que se preparan muy fácilmente, se cocinan solos y se saborean con deleite. Mínimo esfuerzo y máxima recompensa. ¡No se puede pedir más!
Sashimi de salmón

salmon sashimi

One of my favorite Japanese dishes is salmon sashimi. It is also true that I love salmon in any form, as I am sure you have already seen in the different recipes on the blog. The recipe that I am sharing today is very simple to prepare, but something very important should be taken into account and that is that, above all else, the salmon must be as fresh as possible.
Salmón Wellington con paté y crema de espinacas

Wellington salmon with pate and spinach cream

We bring you the star recipe of Christmas, the Wellington sirloin, but in a different and most exquisite version of fish: Wellington-style salmon stuffed and wrapped in filo pastry is a recipe as delicious as it is elegant. You may have heard of this recipe as "Salmon en crôute" (crusted salmon), a salmon wrapped in phyllo dough or puff pastry.
Moqueca de salmón

salmon moqueca

Those of you who are lovers of intense, daring and different flavors, close your eyes and travel with me to Brazil to enjoy this wonderful Salmon Moqueca.

One of the fish stews that, in case you haven't already tried it, I recommend you do it as soon as possible.
Lomo de bacalao en papillote con cama de calabacines

Cod loin en papillote with a bed of courgettes

If you like fish, you will agree with me that one of the ways it is most delicious is prepared en papillote. All its flavor is concentrated, since it uses its own juices to cook, and the aroma when uncovered is almost from another dimension. So, as you can guess, this recipe for cod loin en papillote with a bed of courgettes is very simple and quick to prepare, with a result that is as delicious as it is healthy.
Salmón al pimentón y limón

Salmon with paprika and lemon

For me, a perfect meal: the most tender salmon fillets seasoned with a spicy and lemon flavored mixture. It's a low carb, protein packed, tangy and lemony recipe, just what I'm looking for to bring salmon to life!
Atún con salsa de mostaza y anchoas

Tuna with mustard sauce and anchovies

Express recipe! This tuna with mustard sauce, anchovies and capers is a recipe that has it all: it's super quick to make, it's super tasty and it's a great way to bring grilled tuna to life.
Cóctel de gambas

Prawn cocktail

Prawn cocktail is a classic of great celebrations. Whenever there is a celebration and we put together an extensive menu, it is good to start with a light and fresh dish like this one. That also has its advantages for those of us who are in charge of cooking, because it takes a long time to prepare and can be done two or three hours in advance. So we can dedicate ourselves to
other necessities.
Colas de rape a la americana con almejas

American monkfish tails with clams

You asked us for more recipes for fish en cocotte, and nothing more delicious than monkfish tails in sauce, American style and with clams. It is a truly exquisite recipe, firstly because of its raw material -we all know how exquisite the monkfish is at every bite-, to which is added the high flavor of the sauce with which we accompany it.
Merluza en salsa verde

Hake in green sauce

One of the great classics of Spanish cuisine is hake in green sauce. Simple in its elaboration, but powerful in the result. For it to come out perfect, you have to have quality raw material: a very fresh hake, a good extra virgin olive oil, a homemade fish broth, a quality white wine and parsley, a lot of parsley.
Bacalao con costra de chorizo y tomates

Cod with chorizo ​​and tomato crust

Do you want to prepare the cod with that touch of flavor you need to really enjoy it? This cod recipe is super quick to make, and super easy too: you will see that with very little you give a twist to the presentation at the table and, above all, you give it a rush of flavor thanks to the minced sobrassada, the garlic and the aromatic , that extra you need to liven up the food.