Mejillones en salsa

Mussels In Sauce

The recipe that Luisa brings us today, from Cooking with my Carmela, is a recipe that you will enjoy with the family without taking much time in the kitchen. You love the idea, right? That being the case, I encourage you to try it, because these mussels with sauce are for dipping bread!
Boquerones a la bilbaína con gambas

Bilbao-style anchovies with prawns

With little more than some good anchovies, a little garlic, oil and prawns, you can prepare some Bilbao-style anchovies that are a real delicacy. This recipe that Carmen (author of Yerbabuena in the kitchen) brings us is very rich, healthy and easy to prepare. It is an ideal recipe for these summer days, do not forget to try it because you will succeed!
Souffle de queso (receta de Julia Child)

Cheese souffle (recipe by Julia Child)

I love Julia Child's book. It is a book that tells the different culinary techniques, knowing that the reader may not know anything about cooking, to see them applied to the different recipes that it exposes, which are many. Thus, you enter the culinary world, and the truth is that your passion for cooking invades you.
Blinis con crema de queso y huevos de codorniz

Blinis with cream cheese and quail eggs

Today we welcome Raquel Carmona, whom you will not only know for her gastronomic blog Los Tragaldabas, but also for being co-author of the book La Mesa del Pecado, which has recently been awarded the "Best Innovative Cookbook" (Spain) award. Awarded by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2014.
Pasteles de carne al vino con trompetas de la muerte

Meat pies in wine with trumpets of death

Our collaborator Virginia, from the Sweet & Sour gastroblog, brings us an ideal recipe for mushroom season: meat pies with trumpets of death. One of those recipes that create happiness at home: a delicious combination of flavors with an irresistible presentation.
Gambas a la plancha con alioli

Grilled prawns with alioli

How good it is to remember that there are things that, without great elaborations, turn out to be absolutely delicious! Our friend Miriam, well known for her blog The Winter Guest, knows this very well. He tells us today how he enjoys some prawns made with the Le Creuset iron skillet (everything cooked on iron tastes even better, right?), and accompanies it with a homemade aioli that you will want to finish dipping bread.
Cocinar en fondue

cooking in fondue

Many of us already have a fondue at home. It has become an ideal gift item, and it is very exciting to have it. But it is also true that there are those who have it parked and, honestly, I think it's a real shame! Fondue is a practical culinary utensil -with which you can solve a meal or dinner quickly-, it is fun for diners, it is easy to prepare and clean -important, right?- and also from my experience, it favors the communication and encourages meals, since it is, so to speak, a group activity, a dish to share, which calls for conversation.
La provoletta

the provoletta

Laura, from the gastronomic blog Because, brings us a recipe that is the delight of the whole house. Easy to prepare, it will capture the attention of all your guests and will be a delight for young and old. We leave you with this provoletta prepared by Laura, who does it in one of the most versatile and stylish pans from Le Creuset, the Skillet pan.
Provolone picante al horno con concassé de tomate y ajo negro

Baked Spicy Provolone with Tomato and Black Garlic Concassé

Loreto, from Sabores de Colores , has just made our mouths water: she has prepared a spicy baked provolone, which, combined with black garlic and tomato concassé, makes the recipe wonderful.
Oeufs en cocotte (Huevos en cocotte)

Oeufs en cocotte (Eggs in cocotte)

This week Luisa Morón, from Cooking with my Carmela , brings us a recipe to show off mini-cocottes ! It is an easy to prepare and really appetizing recipe, which can be made on a daily basis as well as being great as the first course of a family meal. This recipe can be prepared in both Le Creuset round and oval mini-cocottes (exclusive at Claudia&Julia!).
Coca de sardinas con hortalizas y olivada

Sardine flatbread with vegetables and olive sauce

Our beloved chef Stéphane Poussardin presents us with an ideal Delicooks recipe to surprise you this summer. What a delight for the eyes... And for the palate!
Gougeres de quesos

cheese gouges

Today I bring you a perfect appetizer for a special meal. It is a small delicacy with a cheese heart that Àngels Pallàs prepared at We Love Cooking as an appetizer for a Christmas meal that we will be publishing this week.