Hamburguesas de Tofu

Tofu Burgers

Last weekend I tried the tofu burgers. At home we love hamburgers; In fact, I have been innovating and preparing them for quite some time now, not only with chicken or meat, but with various ingredients with which I manage to surprise.
Tarta dulce de chocolate

sweet chocolate cake

If you like chocolate and want to surprise at home with a chocolate cake rich in cocoa, this recipe is ideal for you. It is a very simple recipe but with some of the most delicious results in terms of appearance and taste: based on a sponge cake full of cocoa flavor, and covered with a chocolate icing that is very easy to make, but that turns out to be the most eye-catching.
Bacalao dorado

Bacalao Dorado

Portuguese gastronomy has so many recipes with cod that we could prepare one every day of the year and not repeat it. This is one of the most popular inside and outside the neighboring country. At home, even the least fond of fish like it a lot, something that is appreciated. As well as the fact that it is a very simple dish to prepare and that it does not require strange ingredients or strange gadgets.

Hamburguesas de pavo y calabacín

Turkey and Zucchini Burgers

These turkey and zucchini burgers are healthier than what we are used to in a burger. The recipe is from the famous cook Ottolenghi and follows its line of simple combinations with wonderful spices, in this case with cumin and cayenne, two spices that make a phenomenal combo.

Cómo marinar tofu

How to marinate tofu

Tofu is the most used food to substitute meat. So if you have decided to reduce the consumption of animal protein in your diet, a good option is to use this ingredient. Although when you try it for the first time, you will surely find it a bit bland… But I have the solution! If we make marinated tofu, its flavor changes radically and we can use it in multiple preparations and add a plus of flavor.

Arroz negro

black rice

Who doesn't like a good rice as the culmination of a morning at the pool or beach! This black rice recipe is one of my favorite versions of what we colloquially call “paella” after all.

Tarta de polenta, calabacín y feta

Polenta, zucchini and feta tart

In summer we don't feel like cooking so much and spending hours in front of the stove, but we can't live on salads alone. Savory tarts are a good solution to serve at a summer dinner. It is true that we tend to resort to wheat flour as a base for our cakes, but there are actually other good, healthy options that are a little different from the usual ones.

Gratín de patatas

potato gratin

Patri, author of Flavors and Moments, brings us the tricks to make the tastiest potato gratin. It is a great recipe to enjoy as a first course or to accompany a second course of meat or fish. You will see that it becomes a staple recipe.

Galettes bretonnes

Breton galettes

Today is crepe day and Miriam, the Winter Guest, brings us what the French call galette complete: a crepe with cheese, ham and egg. An explosive combination to make your loved ones enjoy a most Breton dinner. Happy day!

Mie Goreng

Mie Goreng

You won't be able to resist preparing these noodles with vegetables and chicken! Mie Goreng is a perfect recipe to enjoy on a daily basis. It is brought to us by Eva, from Bake-Street, and I assure you that you will love it!

Pancakes de cangrejo y verduras

Crab and vegetable pancakes

Juana, author of La Cocina de Babel, brings us some salty oriental-style pancakes with crab and vegetables. A very tasty and healthy recipe, I assure you that you will enjoy these original pancakes!

Tortitas de verduras y queso

Vegetable and cheese pancakes

Miriam, author of The Winter Guest, brings us some salty pancakes that, with a touch of cheese and accompanied by a good sauce, will quickly become a most appetizing dinner. Bon Appetite!