Pilaf de pollo y naranja

Chicken and orange pilaf

Packed with flavor, this Chicken Orange Pilaf is a perfect dish to prepare in the Le Creuset Evolution Low Casserole Cocotte.
Estofado de buey a la cerveza (en olla tradicional y en olla rápida)

Ox stew with beer (in a traditional pot and in a quick cooker)

Whether with beef or cow meat, this Guinness beer stew or Irish stew is a traditional recipe and one with which you will be fabled at family meals. The intense flavor of the beer brings a delicious flavor to these dishes!
Receta de arroz con salchichas

rice with sausages

A classic that never fails, the recipe for a classic and traditional sausage rice with the tastiest! You can leave this rice to your liking, more cooked or more sweet. It is a rice without complications, but that children and adults enjoy for bringing us those traditional flavors.
¿Cómo escoger el tamaño de mi cocotte?

How to choose the size of my cocotte?

One of the most frequent questions among those who consider buying a cocotte or casserole is "What size cocotte or casserole to choose?". It is hard for us to choose, because we want a pot for everything: for everyday use and for the most special days, to make creams and to make roasts... Given all these disparate approaches, what size is the right one?

We have long experience advising on this subject, so we leave you a guide to correctly choose the size of the cocotte.
Crema de guisantes y coco

Pea and coconut cream

This pea and coconut cream recipe is perfect for those days when you don't have much time to prepare lunch or dinner, but you don't want to give up a healthy and delicious dish. A vegan soup full of flavor that, just as it is, is delicious, but that allows endless adaptations to suit everyone's taste.
Moqueca de salmón

salmon moqueca

Those of you who are lovers of intense, daring and different flavors, close your eyes and travel with me to Brazil to enjoy this wonderful Salmon Moqueca.

One of the fish stews that, in case you haven't already tried it, I recommend you do it as soon as possible.
Mejillones al vapor con ajo y perejil

Steamed mussels with garlic and parsley

If there is a perfect recipe for a quick dinner, one of those in which you barely have time to cook, it is steamed mussels with garlic and parsley. It is prepared in a few minutes and the result is the tastiest. In addition, we are facing a food with many health benefits. They are fantastic!
Risotto bianco (y consejos para hacer un buen risotto)

Risotto bianco (and tips to make a good risotto)

Risotto bianco is the base recipe for this traditional dish of Italian cuisine. Many other elaborations are built on it: asparagus, mushrooms, etc. All of them exquisite, yes, but the "bianco" is a unique dish, it is enough and is left over on its own to dazzle those who try it.
Judías cocidas al estilo griego, con cobertura de feta y miel

Greek-style baked beans, covered with feta and honey

Greek-style baked beans are very easy to make: the oven will be working for a few minutes, but I assure you that this recipe for baked beans with feta cheese and honey coverage is very simple to prepare, being a very complete and tasty dish.
Babka de chocolate, la receta de que todos hablan

Chocolate babka, the recipe that everyone talks about

It is Easter tradition to make the recipe for Babka or Baba, a fluffy rectangular or crown-shaped braid which is made from a sweet fermented dough so delicious that we are enjoying it all year round. In the babka recipe that we bring today, we tell you how to make a Chocolate Babka delicious and traditional, with the detailed step by step so that you elaborate it without fear and solving all the doubts

Cinnamon Rolls, bollos de canela especiados ¡y deliciosos en 30 minutos!

Cinnamon Rolls, spiced and delicious cinnamon buns in 30 minutes!

You wouldn't think that the Le Creuset Bread Cocotte is only for making bread, would you? It is a perfect oven for all kinds of doughs, apart from being able to use it for your grilled meats and fish whenever you want! And today I show you that you can make wonderful recipes with it with these Spiced Cinnamon Buns in a quick recipe that comes out delicious
Panfoglia, pan en cocotte

Panfoglia, bread in cocotte

You cannot imagine the immense desire I had to brand new my Le Creuset bread cocotte . Since I had it in my hands it was love at first sight! And since I wanted to premiere it in a big way, I decided to prepare this Panfoglia .