Receta de pollo al curry

Chicken curry recipe

In this chicken curry recipe, I'll walk you through an easy and delicious version of this classic dish. With accessible ingredients and a step-by-step process with photos, you can enjoy a super tasty chicken curry, in the purest Indian style, in no time.
Tacos de salmón con salsa oriental

Salmon tacos with oriental sauce

We love fresh salmon at home and our latest discovery is these salmon tacos in oriental sauce. To prepare it we use a wok and in a very short time we have it on the table.
Salteado en wok de radicchio con judías verdes y naranjas

Wok-fried radicchio with green beans and oranges

Did you know that we spend between 30-50% of our time rambling? That without realizing it we get distracted and absorbed in an internal flow of thought unrelated to external stimuli? We spend so much time like this that it has even been said that it is the default state of our brain.

Bún bò xào (Ensalada de fideos y ternera vietnamita)

Bún bò xào (Vietnamese beef and noodle salad)

There are dishes that once you try them you cannot live without them, that is what happened to me, when during a trip to Vietnam I tried for the first time a delicious salad called Bún bò xào.

Stir fry de pollo y verduras

Stir fry chicken and vegetables

Carmen, author of Tía Alia, brings us a sautéed chicken and vegetables, a rich, healthy, natural recipe. She makes it in a wok, and it is a recipe that has it all, from color to flavor, perfect for everyday use.

Mie Goreng

Mie Goreng

You won't be able to resist preparing these noodles with vegetables and chicken! Mie Goreng is a perfect recipe to enjoy on a daily basis. It is brought to us by Eva, from Bake-Street, and I assure you that you will love it!

Bacalao al vapor con salsa de limón

Steamed cod with lemon sauce

Steaming fish is a very healthy option, and if you accompany it with a good sauce it is the most exquisite. Today Leticia, author of Revealing Flavors, brings us the recipe for steamed cod with lemon sauce and accompanied by asparagus in a wok. A recipe that will make you enjoy in your day to day!

Noodles de calabacín con langostinos al estilo asiático

Asian-style zucchini noodles with prawns

Virginia, author of Sweet&Sour, comes today with a recipe that you will love for its flavor and how easy it is to make. It is a recipe for zoodles prepared in a wok, in the purest Asian style. You will see how these zucchini spaghetti will be a star dish this summer!

Bao buns con pollo salteado

Bao buns with stir fried chicken

Bao buns are typical Asian cuisine buns that are steamed, and that you can fill with whatever you want, although the most common is to do it with meat and vegetables. They are a healthy way to liven up a lunch or dinner, that's why Leti, author of Revealing Flavors, brings us a very tasty recipe to prepare them. We assure you that you will love making them and even more enjoy them!

Pad thai

pad thai

Juana, author of La Cocina de Babel, takes us to Thailand with Pad Thai, a wok recipe that will open up all your senses and make you feel like you're in the middle of Asia. It is a very complete, healthy and rich in flavor recipe, and that will also give you a lot of play because, although Juana presents it with prawns, it admits many varied ingredients, you can make it with chicken, beef, tofu... Enjoy! !

Tallarines con verduras y champiñones

Noodles with vegetables and mushrooms

Raquel, author of Los Tragaldabas, brings us a rich recipe for tagliatelle with vegetables and mushrooms. With her, he shows us the entire process to prepare them, from making the pasta at home with the Imperia machine, to the final touch after sautéing them in the wok. Do not miss it because it is a really rich recipe, and that you can enjoy every day!

Pollo a la naranja

Orange chicken

Surely many of you have heard of the classic orange chicken recipe. But how is it made? Today Carmen, author of Yerbabuena en la Cocina, answers your question and brings you this delicious recipe that you will see is not complicated at all. Enjoy it!