Flan de huevo en olla rápida-Claudia&Julia

Egg flan in a quick cooker

Among the easiest and most satisfying dessert recipes, egg flan has always been my weakness. Its simplicity in preparation and its delicious flavor make it one of my favorite sweets. And now, I have the pleasure of sharing with you a simplified version of this classic, thanks to the efficiency and speed that the pressure cooker offers us.
Cheesecake tradicional con remolinos de Nutella (¡y cómo hacer trufas de chocolate!)-Claudia&Julia

Traditional Cheesecake with Nutella Swirls (and How to Make Chocolate Truffles!)

July 30th arrives, World Cheesecake Day, and here is our proposal for this year: a traditional and creamy cheesecake, filled with cocoa cream and hazelnuts. Without a doubt it is a winning combination! But also, this recipe brings a surprise! What do you think about decorating it with some homemade chocolate truffles that are the easiest to make?
Flan de vainilla con caramelo-Claudia&Julia

Vanilla flan with caramel

If there is a classic recipe par excellence, it is flan. I don't think there is a more versioned dessert or one that deserves more praise than this one. With just three ingredients, you get a whole delicatessen. But today we will go one step further by adding a fourth element to this fantastic equation, to prepare a vanilla flan with caramel that is as exquisite as it is aromatic.
Tarta de flan de chocolate

chocolate custard tart

It's International Chocolate Cake Day, and to honor it we bring you an authentic delight for cocoa lovers: a cake filled with chocolate flan! The result of this cake is similar to that of a cheesecake, as far as the texture of the filling is concerned: soft and enveloping, each bite fills you with the most delicious cocoa flavor.
Tarta de queso de tres capas de arándanos (Ombre Cheesecake, sin horno)

Three Layer Blueberry Cheesecake (Ombre Cheesecake, No Bake)

Festive, colorful... and very easy to do! Whoever sees it falls in love with this three-color cheesecake... and whoever tries it will undoubtedly repeat it. It is a blueberry cheesecake, a cake without an oven that is served in gelatin to set in the fridge.
Pudín de piña con crema de natillas de coco-Claudia&Julia

Pineapple Pudding with Coconut Custard Cream

Today, we're making an inverted pineapple pudding, a tropical flavor that ends any Sunday meal beautifully. You can make it with fresh pineapple or pineapple in syrup, which makes it a most ideal recipe to solve any commitment.
Tarta de queso con mermelada de frambuesa

Cheesecake with raspberry jam

Cheesecake is a classic for being a dessert that is super easy to prepare and that is very welcome after any meal. Today I bring you a version that comes out round: a creamy cheesecake that tastes delicious with jam inside. We make it with a biscuit base that, although it adds a few extra minutes of initial preparation and baking, is worth doing - How delicious is the biscuit-based cheesecake!

Flan de coco

Coconut flan

I love coconut. It is something that has no remedy, so rather than hide my little passion, I try to exploit it to the fullest. One of my favorite uses is in flans and puddings, and today I'm leaving you with a recipe that comes out round. More than round, you get some flans of vice!
Flan de leche condensada

Flan of condensed milk

Surely condensed milk flan is one of the most popular traditional flans. If you haven't prepared it at home yet, you should know that you have probably taken it because, due to its vanilla flavor and how easy it is to prepare, it is often the recipe for homemade flan that is served in many restaurants.
Budin de coco

coconut pudding

With remains of brioche, milk bread, croissants or ensaimadas you can make a delicious dessert. This coconut milk pudding has won us over from the first spoonful.
Cheesecake de chocolate y mantequilla de cacahuete

Chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake

With this Chocolate Cheesecake recipe today we are going to show you two things: first, that cheesecake is delicious, but it can be taken to another level if it is combined with flavors as delicious as chocolate and peanuts. And second, but certainly not least, that the slow cooker allows you to make not only vegetables, grains, and stews, but you can use it to make fabulous desserts.
Flan de huevo -la receta tradicional de mi familia

Egg flan - my family's traditional recipe

I bring you my family's traditional egg flan recipe. The proportion of yolks and whites in a flan is important to achieve the right flavor and texture, and for me this recipe is perfect.