Carré de cordero al horno

Rack of lamb in the oven

Today's recipe is a rack of roast lamb (or roast lamb chops), an exquisite dish that you will get after a simple marinade and a preparation that is really easy to follow. It is brought to us by Patricia, author of Sabores&Momentos, and I am convinced that both its presentation and the resulting flavor will enchant you.

El agua con limón: Por qué te conviene

Water with lemon: Why it suits you

Look me straight in the eye and repeat after me: lemon water is good for you. It suits you and, especially in summer, you want a lot so that it is not a sacrifice to have a lemonade a day.

I am a great enthusiast of lemon water, I drink it every morning and my friends laugh at the vehemence with which I preach its benefits. The agualimón is prepared in a second and tastes wonderful.

Mi opinión sobre los utensilios de cocina Rösle

My opinion on Rösle cookware

I am often surprised when talking to customers that they are not familiar with the Rösle brand. In my opinion, it is one of the best manufacturers of stainless steel utensils in the world, both at a domestic and professional level, and it is undoubtedly a brand to keep in mind when equipping a kitchen.