Look me straight in the eye and repeat after me: lemon water is good for you . It suits you and, especially in summer, it's very appealing so it's not a sacrifice to have a lemonade a day.

I am a big fan of lemon water, I drink it every morning and my friends laugh at how vehemently I preach its benefits. The agualimón is prepared in a second and tastes wonderful.

Drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach may not sound very appetizing right away, but it's a matter of getting used to it, because it only has advantages:

Benefits of water with lemon

  1. It helps to be properly hydrated - We don't usually drink all the liquid we need, so including a lemonade in our daily routine is positive from any point of view.
  2. It can help in weight loss - Be careful, lemon water is not good for losing weight per se . It is useless to drown in lemon water while we spend the days stretched out on the sofa and eating bacon. But if we use it to replace coffee a couple of times a week, it is very possible that we will notice something after a couple of months.
  3. Prevents oxidative degradation - Lemons, like almost all fruits and vegetables, have antioxidant properties, which help protect us from aging and prevent cancer .
  4. Healthy dose of vitamin C - If you squeeze just half a lemon into a glass of water you consume 6 calories (barely nothing), but one sixth of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.
  5. Helps heal wounds - In addition to vitamin C, lemon provides a large amount of potassium and other minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and essential to produce collagen , necessary to repair tissues.
  6. Strengthens the immune system - Lemon water also contains citric, malic, acetic and formic acids, which help fight bacteria and other pathogens that threaten the body.
  7. Prevents obesity and cardiovascular diseases - Substances present in lemon have actions related to the prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases , obesity and some cancers.


lukewarm water or cold water

According to Dr. Amy Myers , hot or lukewarm water is absorbed better than cold. He recommends drinking it hot on an empty stomach, but throughout the day you can continue to drink cold lemonade.

How to prepare water with lemon

  1. You take a glass
  2. you fill it with water, a quarter of a liter will be worth,
  3. you cut a lemon in half with a good knife ,
  4. you squeeze the juice of one of the halves over the water with a manual juicer or with a lemon press ,
  5. and you have it ready. Hit the agualimón. You won't say you've been late.

lemon press

Rösle lemon press , Bérard wooden lemon press and Rösle manual juicer

If we have not convinced you with all the reasons we have given you to regularly consume lemon water, it is because you are very hard to peel. But we ask you to give it a chance because it will surprise you.

Oh, and although doctors advise drinking warm or hot water to assimilate it better, we can make an excess now in summer and consume ice -cold lemon water . Total, nobody is going to go with the story, right? If you dare to do that, leaving a bottle in the fridge with lemon water will make it easier for you to drink it.


Claudia said:

María, entiendo lo que dices de echarlo en falta cuando no puedes tomarlo -estoy tan acostumbrada a ello también que si no lo tomo lo noto! Un saludo!

Claudia said:

Muchas gracias por el comentario, Raquel! Un saludo, y que por muchos años todos sigamos este hábito :)

Claudia said:

Gracias, Beatriz un saludo!

Raquel said:

Mi padre lleva años haciendolo!…a veces con limon y otras veces con lima. Para él es un ritual fundamental a la hora de levantarse. Tiene 72 años y esos pequeños trucos le hacen sentir mas joven y agil. Gracias a él esa rutina tambien la sigo y tengo que decir que “sí” se nota en el organismo. Yo lo tomo con agua tibia para evitar que mi estomago se despierte bruscamente con el agua fria!

Beatriz said:

Muy buen post,y sobre todo me encanta la naturalidad con que lo cuetas.Un saludo.

María said:

Hace años que sigo la rutina de tomar agua con limón en ayunas. Incluso en verano la tomo tibia, vaya, que nunca la caliento, pero tampoco tomo agua de la nevera.
Y se nota, vaya si se nota, pues las temporadas que estoy de viaje y no puedo hacerlo, se nota la hidratación que falta en el cuerpo.
Es un truco fácil y sano, que no cuesta trabajo, para eliminar toxinas!!!
Gracias por todos vuestros artículos!

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