I am often surprised when, when talking to customers, I find that they are not familiar with the Rösle brand. In my opinion, it is one of the best manufacturers of stainless steel utensils in the world, both at a domestic and professional level, and it is undoubtedly a brand to keep in mind when equipping a kitchen.

I don't want to go on talking about the company, but I would like to mention that it is a German manufacturer with a very long tradition (since 1888) with great emphasis on quality and functionality. In fact, the point that stands out the most from his philosophy is to “create utensils that maintain their value, far from making things that respond to short-term trends”.

This philosophy really sets Rösle apart from other manufacturers of small utensils. One of the most important aspects that differentiates Rösle from the rest is the sensation that any of its products produce and use: it transmits robustness and quality in the hands, and at the moment of using it you realize its level of functionality and precision with the one that works

With all this, you may think that it sure is an expensive brand. But this is not the case, the prices of their utensils are very affordable, and although it is true that you have to pay a little more than with cheaper brands, the difference in price is more than justified. In addition, Rösle offers a 10-year guarantee on its utensils, which guarantees that you will be able to amortize the investment using a quality product for many years.

The assortment that Rösle has is very wide, and in the store we have many of them. But there are several that I would like to highlight above the others, and that I will now detail.

The first, and which is without a doubt my number one ally in the kitchen, are the fine tongs from Rösle . The precision with which you work with these tongs, and the consistency they have, make them essential for turning meat or seafood on the grill, turning chicken in the oven, or even serving cheese or sausages at the table. The security with which you take the meat is not comparable to any other clamp!
The same tweezers are in a mini version (18cm ). I recommend these to serve at the table, decorate the plates or even for ice cubes -they are pretty, elegant and practical!

Another tool that is used very often are peelers: the oval peeler , for all types of hard skin, and the long peeler, with its fluted or double-blade teeth, is essential and will work for tomatoes, kiwis, apples and all kinds of thinner, slippery skins or more tender fruits. Everyone who has tried them confirms that Rösle peelers are undoubtedly the best on the market.

The tomato and mozzarella cutter is also very practical, especially at this time of year. It is almost impossible to cut tomato evenly without this grater. It allows you to prepare salads with a fantastic presentation without any effort.

Another great little utensil is the nutcracker, which stands out for two things: the first, that you don't have to exert any force, it works excellently and the second, that thanks to the force it applies, it is equally valid for shellfish.

Other utensils that will convince you of the know-how of the brand:

- Rösle's can opener! I wish I could demonstrate it to you, and you would understand the difference between this and any other: it opens the can safely, without any effort and once opened the can seems to be still closed thanks to the precision of the cut. There is no burr left, it is formidable.

- The torch, very safe, easy to use and with the power of professionals.

- The manual juicer : small, practical and, above all, I would highlight the ease of cleaning – unlike the electric ones, it has only 2 parts, the part where you squeeze and the glass where the juice ends up. Both pieces are made of stainless steel, and you are so quick to remove the pulp and put them in the dishwasher or pour water over them, that you stop being lazy to prepare the juice. It does have a drawback, yes, and that is that it is manual and you cannot forget that: unlike with electric ones, it is you who must exert the force and the gesture of turning, but it compensates me for the ease at the time to clean it. In addition to being made entirely of stainless steel, it is always like new (the plastic ones lose color and end up as foxes).

And finally, no more looking for a pot in the closet to put the strainer inside to store it! The story sounds familiar to you, right? One of the utensils that has helped me gain more space in the kitchen is the Rösle collapsible colander and it has been a complete success, because it certainly solves the eternal problem with colanders: the space they take up.

I have told you about the Rösle utensils that I am most in love with, or the ones that customers talk to me about the most. But I encourage you to see the ones we have or the ones that generate the most curiosity. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with Rösle utensils, we look forward to hearing from you!

Claudia Ferrer


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