Semlor - Bollos suecos-Claudia&Julia

Semlor - Swedish Buns

Los semlor o semla (en singular), es uno de los dulces más tradicionales de Suecia, Finlandia, Dinamarca, Noruega y Estonia. Se trata de un bollo de cardamomo relleno de crema de almendras y nata. En mi caso, he optado por la nata y el mascarpone, ya que para mi gusto, queda, además de con una mejor textura y cuerpo, mucho más rico.
Focaccia de chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Chocolate focaccia

I'm dying to share this unique and delicious recipe! Today we will discover together the wonderful world of Chocolate Focaccia. This surprising variant, sweet and tempting, is the perfect choice for a special breakfast or snack.
Pan de pita, la receta fácil de pan árabe-Claudia&Julia

Pita bread, the easy Arabic bread recipe

Discover how to make authentic Pita Bread, the popular Arabic flatbread, similar to naan bread but hollow inside. This characteristic gives it the great advantage of being a very versatile bread (you can fill it with anything from the classic falafel to raw or roasted vegetables, or delicious strips of meat). And you will love to know that it is a super easy recipe to make!
Cómo hacer falafels: una receta de garbanzos fácil y deliciosa-Claudia&Julia

How to make falafels: an easy and delicious chickpea recipe

Falafel is a delicious culinary creation that has captured the hearts and palates of people around the world. These small, crunchy balls, made mainly from chickpeas and aromatic spices, are a vegetarian option full of flavor and texture.
Cheesecake tradicional con remolinos de Nutella (¡y cómo hacer trufas de chocolate!)-Claudia&Julia

Traditional Cheesecake with Nutella Swirls (and How to Make Chocolate Truffles!)

July 30th arrives, World Cheesecake Day, and here is our proposal for this year: a traditional and creamy cheesecake, filled with cocoa cream and hazelnuts. Without a doubt it is a winning combination! But also, this recipe brings a surprise! What do you think about decorating it with some homemade chocolate truffles that are the easiest to make?
Plum cake de naranja y pasas

Orange and raisin plum cake

There are a thousand ways to make plumcake, but in this recipe I give you one of the best I've tried, due to its combination of ease, fluffiness, flavor, and the fact that you can make it with ingredients you usually have at home.
Babka de chocolate, la receta de que todos hablan

Chocolate babka, the recipe that everyone talks about

It is Easter tradition to make the recipe for Babka or Baba, a fluffy rectangular or crown-shaped braid which is made from a sweet fermented dough so delicious that we are enjoying it all year round. In the babka recipe that we bring today, we tell you how to make a Chocolate Babka delicious and traditional, with the detailed step by step so that you elaborate it without fear and solving all the doubts

Galletas de azúcar moreno, mantequilla y jengibre

Brown Sugar Butter Ginger Cookies

What a great quick cookie recipe! Brown sugar, butter and ginger cookies. Today we have made cookies with the children, and apart from having a great time forming and decorating their cookies each one to their liking, some SUPER DELICIOUS cookies have come out. So I leave you the recipe in case you dare to also make this Sunday a cookie Sunday.
Tronco de Navidad de mascarpone, cereza y chocolate

Christmas log of mascarpone, cherry and chocolate

One of the best times of the year for those with a sweet tooth is Christmas, without a doubt. We can find a very wide and varied assortment, so that it is totally impossible not to feel satisfied. I include myself because I have a very sweet tooth.
Panecillos de coco

coconut buns

It was listening to coconut bread and I started to investigate. After seeing several recipes that filled me with interest and several tests, I fully approve and with infinite desire to share this delicious, easy and soft recipe to make these coconut buns. The result is extremely tender, thin-crusted, and truly delicious buns with a slight coconut flavour.
Loaf cake de coco con cobertura de caramelo

Coconut loaf cake with caramel coating

We've been celebrating discounts at Nordic Ware, and I'm joining the festivities with this Salted Caramel Topped Vanilla Coconut Pound Cake, which is out of the box. To pay homage to the house, we baked it in a Nordic Ware Loaf Cake type pan (I used the Heritage Loaf Cake), which allows you to achieve a beautiful finish without any difficulty, since the mold takes care of giving it that beautiful shape.
Magdalenas de mató con mermelada y crumble

Mató cupcakes with jam and crumble

You'll regret making these killer cupcakes! Because you will want to do them over and over again. I must warn you that these muffins filled with jam and covered with almond flour crumble are some of the richest I've ever made - I think I've found my recipe ten!