Receta de Estofado de Ternera en olla rápida

Beef stew in a quick cooker

Discover the art of preparing beef stew in a slow cooker, a recipe that transforms beef and vegetables into a sublime and comforting dish, perfect for those who value time without wanting to give up flavor. At the heart of modern cuisine, the slow cooker emerges as an indispensable ally, allowing us to enjoy tender and juicy cuts of beef in less time than would traditionally be required, without compromising the richness of the flavors that characterize a traditional stew.
Cerdo asado con manzanas y arándanos secos-Claudia&Julia

Roasted pork with apples and dried cranberries

Roasted pork with apples is one of those recipes that never goes out of style in my home. Since my childhood, the enticing aroma that fills the kitchen when this dish is cooking has been synonymous with special moments and family celebrations. The flavor of juicy, tender pork combined with the natural sweetness of caramelized apples, which blend in every bite, creates a symphony of flavors that awaken the senses. And it is super easy to prepare!
Pollo al vino con morillas-Claudia&Julia

Chicken in wine with morels

Chicken in wine with morels is a classic option, combining the best of comforting cuisine with a touch of elegance. This recipe, perfect for festivities and celebrations, highlights the flavor of chicken in a rich wine and morel sauce that will delight all your guests. Accompanied with a garnish of pâtes fraîches, this dish becomes the star of a festive table, full of unmatched flavors and irresistible aromas.
Pierna de cordero rellena de hierbas con gremolata de menta-Claudia&Julia

Herb-stuffed leg of lamb with mint gremolata

At each Christmas celebration, the table is dressed with a central piece that, more than a dish, becomes the epicenter of flavors, aromas and shared moments. This roasted and stuffed leg of lamb is that marvel of flavor, it will captivate the family's senses and become the center of attention on your festive table. Stunning and exquisitely flavorful, this recipe is a tribute to culinary tradition, infused with a vibrant fusion of flavors.
Estofado de buey a la cerveza (en olla tradicional y en olla rápida)-Claudia&Julia

Ox stew with beer (in a traditional pot and in a quick cooker)

Whether with beef or cow meat, this Guinness beer stew or Irish stew is a traditional recipe and one with which you will be fabled at family meals. The intense flavor of the beer brings a delicious flavor to these dishes!
Mini-Rollitos de col rellenos de carne, piñones y pasas

Mini cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, pine nuts and raisins

Stuffed rolls are a great option to offer a complete and visual dish Today, these mini-rolls are stuffed with lamb meat, pine nuts, raisins and spices, an exquisite recipe that you can make very easily.
Salmón Wellington con paté y crema de espinacas

Wellington salmon with pate and spinach cream

We bring you the star recipe of Christmas, the Wellington sirloin, but in a different and most exquisite version of fish: Wellington-style salmon stuffed and wrapped in filo pastry is a recipe as delicious as it is elegant. You may have heard of this recipe as "Salmon en crôute" (crusted salmon), a salmon wrapped in phyllo dough or puff pastry.
Pollo asado especiado con limón en conserva-Claudia&Julia

Spiced Roast Chicken with Preserved Lemon

If the break is "Sunday", don't you think it's best not to get complicated on Sundays in the kitchen? Enjoying the morning with the family is always a pleasure and being able to eat something delicious without having to worry about staying at the foot of the stove multiplies that pleasure. That's why this Lemon Spiced Roast Chicken Recipe is a wonderfully quick and easy option for Sunday lunch.
Lomo de bacalao en papillote con cama de calabacines

Cod loin en papillote with a bed of courgettes

If you like fish, you will agree with me that one of the ways it is most delicious is prepared en papillote. All its flavor is concentrated, since it uses its own juices to cook, and the aroma when uncovered is almost from another dimension. So, as you can guess, this recipe for cod loin en papillote with a bed of courgettes is very simple and quick to prepare, with a result that is as delicious as it is healthy.
Estofado de salchichas con judías

Sausage stew with beans

Stewed sausages are a very popular dish, since sausages tend to be liked by both children and adults, and they are very tasty. Today we make the recipe for smoked sausage stew with beans, a dish that you can prepare both in the cold months and use to celebrate the night of San Juan.
Glaseado de azúcar moreno para tus carnes y asados

Brown sugar glaze for your meats and roasts

Do you know that you can make your roasts in the usual way, baked or grilled, but finish it with a sublime glaze that makes all the difference? This brown sugar glaze will make all the difference!

I really, really, really encourage you to try it out!

Redondo de ternera asado

Roast veal round

With this round of veal in a super fast pot, all the stress will be taken away from you the day you want to look good on special occasions, whether it's a Sunday or this coming Christmas. It is a very easy recipe, without complications and that you can have prepared in advance.