Receta de rosquillas rápidas

Microwave Vanilla Donuts (Donuts®︎ express)

This sweet adventure today promises to satisfy a whim without taking too much time in the kitchen! Today I bring you a simply irresistible recipe: Vanilla Donuts in the Microwave, a delicious and quick dessert or snack to prepare, and without frying!, that will become your new favorite for those moments when you need a sweet treat without complications. Yes, I'm talking about making Donuts®︎ quickly and without frying.
Bizcocho Nordic Express de coco-Claudia&Julia

Nordic Express coconut cake

Not only does it result in a beautiful train: this coconut cake recipe is a delicious snack, and the most convenient to eat thanks to the format in which it is presented. The Nordic Ware Nordic Express Train mold is wonderful! It provides you with several long, narrow cakes with a divine design, which are also super convenient to serve and eat, either giving one carload per diner, or breaking them into several bites each.
Bollos de mantequilla Popovers

Butter Popovers

Simple, fast and great, the truth is that preparing these delicious buns called Popovers will become a classic at home.

If you don't know what they are about, you should know that popovers are crispy butter buns on the outside and that are fluffy and half hollow inside . 

Pan de mono

monkey bread

The monkey bread recipe (or monkey bread, as we know it here) is pure vice. A caramelized and cinnamon-flavored sponge cake built with patience and love ball by ball. Without a doubt, it is worth it, especially following the wise instructions of Virginia, author of Sweet&Sour, who here leaves you the recipe.

Galletas de jengibre

Ginger cookies

There are many reasons to bake cookies at home: the cold, wanting to give someone a gift, having a good time with the kids in the kitchen or simply enjoying a homemade sweet. This time Rosa, author of Pemberley Cup&Cakes, offers us a basic that cannot be missed on these dates: the most delicious gingerbread cookie recipe you can make. What can't you resist?

Four spices bundt cake

Four spices bundt cake

In two days is the International Bundt Day and Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet, brings us a most appropriate recipe: spiced bundt cake. It is a delicious spiced sponge cake with cloves, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Let the spices invade your kitchen!

Cómo hacer gofres en casa

How to make waffles at home

Today I will give you long teeth, and I want to talk to you about making waffles! I am convinced that most of you have tried them at some time, because they are quite a temptation wherever you see them. Today you will see how easy it is to prepare them at home (although it is true that you require the right utensil), and get inspired to accompany them with the most tempting ingredients.

Berenjenas rellenas ahumadas

Smoked stuffed aubergines

Lola Bernabé, author of Loleta Life&Market, brings us an ideal recipe for any occasion. The recipe for stuffed aubergines is a classic, but smoked as she proposes, it gives it an extra flavor that will make you fall in love. Bon Appetite!

Patatas asadas con chili con carne

Baked potatoes with chili con carne

Today we welcome a new collaborator! This is Carmen, author of the Tía Alia blog, who brings us some delicious roasted potatoes with an ideal accompaniment: chili con carne. Thank you very much for the recipe Carmen, let's go for it!

7 recetas típicas para hacer con tu molde bundt cake

7 typical recipes to make with your bundt cake mold

There are many recipes to make a sponge cake in Bundt-type molds, but since many times you ask us for classic recipes to make in these beautiful molds, we have made a compilation of 7 that I think you will love. They are recipes with the most traditional flavors, which you can make in your Nordic Ware mold with all the guarantees of success among your guests.

Galletas de avellanas y chocolate

Hazelnut and chocolate cookies

Preparing cookies at home is a great pleasure, apart from being really easy! The recipe that Virginia (from Sweet&Sour) proposes us today, chocolate and hazelnut cookies with a touch of orange, is a guaranteed winner. Go ahead with them!

Bundt cake de naranja

orange bundt cake

What a delicious bundt cake Leti brings us today, from Revealing Flavors! It is a traditional recipe for orange cake, which is prepared in the beautiful Kugelhopf mold from Nordic Ware. It will surely be a success at home, because there is a reason why the classics never die!