There are many recipes to make a cake in bundt molds, but since you often ask us for classic recipes to make in these beautiful molds , we have made a compilation of 7 that I think you will love. They are recipes with the most traditional flavors, which you can make in your Nordic Ware mold with all the guarantees of success among your guests.

1. Orange Bundt Cake

The touch of orange in the biscuits is always a hit. The recipe that we propose is a bund cake that mixes a light flavor of orange and vanilla, and that is reinforced by accompanying it with an orange glaze that you will love.

Orange cake recipe

2. Lemon Bundt Cake

The recipe that you find here is a true classic: a lemon sponge cake in the purest style of always. There are many who have tried this recipe and there is no person who has been disappointed. It will always be a hit!

lemon bundt cake

3. Chocolate Bundt Cake

Chocolate is a great companion to biscuits. We suggest you prepare one that is called the Bundt of Death by Chocolate . The intense flavor of the chocolate in it, as well as the juiciness that the dough takes, will leave you speechless to express the joy of taking it. Don't think about it for a second, it's really to die for! ( here the recipe).

chocolate bundt cake

4. Cocoa bundt cake

If what you are looking for is a quick chocolate bundt recipe, then I recommend the Cocoa Bundt recipe, a bundt cake with a touch of cocoa that comes out really fluffy and that you will quickly make without any complications.

Cocoa bundt cake

5. Gingerbread bundt cake

The gingerbread cake is a cake that is already part of the classics in our kitchens. The proposal that we have is that of a gingerbread bundt cake that is combined with lemon and white pepper . The truth is that, despite what it may seem, it is one of my favorite biscuits: the result in flavor is really a success, a smooth spicy combination that delights those who try it.

Gingerbread cake recipe

6. Coffee Bundt Cake

If you enjoy the flavor and aroma of coffee, and the time to drink it is one of the best moments of the day, you definitely have to try accompanying it with a coffee cake. The easy coffee bundt cake recipe that you will find here will have it ready quickly.

Coffee cake recipe

7. Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Pumpkin is an ingredient used in many recipes, including sweet ones. The spiced pumpkin bundt cake recipe that we recommend you make ( here ) results in a very fluffy, juicy cake with such a rich flavor that you won't want (or can't!) stop repeating it.

Pumpkin Bundt Cake Recipe

BONUSES! Monkey Bread Bundt Pan Recipe

You can also use a bundt pan to bake a recipe that will sound familiar to you: Monkey Bread or monkey bread . It is a caramelized cake that becomes pure vice. It also has an aroma of cinnamon that makes you fall in love, and an aspect that generates so much curiosity that it is impossible to refuse to take one of those delicious little balls that say Eat me!


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