Madeleines de vainilla y frambuesa-Claudia&Julia

Vanilla and Raspberry Madeleines

What better detail than a beautiful bouquet. And if it's vanilla and raspberry madeleines, the gift is delicious! You will conquer the heart and palate of whoever receives it. Because although flowers are always welcome, with these shells dipped in pink chocolate you won't make anyone sneeze.
Magdalenas de Pascua con nidos de chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Easter cupcakes with chocolate nests

Celebrate the arrival of spring and the joy of Easter with a recipe that captures the festive spirit of this time of year: Chocolate Nest Easter Cupcakes. This recipe is the perfect balance of tradition and fun, designed to bring smiles and delicious flavors to your Easter table. Each cupcake is transformed into an enchanting nest, topped with dark chocolate frosting and adorned with colorful Easter eggs, capturing the essence of springtime renewal and rejoicing.

Galletas de avena y chocolate (sin azúcar y sin gluten)-Claudia&Julia

Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies (sugar free and gluten free)

Making healthy bars couldn't be easier! To make these oatmeal and chocolate cookies or bars that are totally sugar-free and full of energy, it's just a matter of taking a few ingredients, mixing in 2 minutes and baking... In 12 minutes you'll have them ready! And the truth is that they are delicious. You dare?
Las magdalenas infalibles de Tía Paca

Tía Paca's infallible cupcakes

There is no more foolproof muffin recipe than Tía Paca's traditional muffin recipe. It is demonstrated by all the people who have left a sample of it in our kitchen group: if you enter, you will see all the comments and photos of the cupcakes that they have come to make, commenting on how wonderful those fluffy cupcakes are with a touch of lemon. Fluffy, tall and very easy to make, without a doubt a recipe to save.
Magdalenas de mató con mermelada y crumble

Mató cupcakes with jam and crumble

You'll regret making these killer cupcakes! Because you will want to do them over and over again. I must warn you that these muffins filled with jam and covered with almond flour crumble are some of the richest I've ever made - I think I've found my recipe ten!
Canelés de calabaza especiados

Spiced pumpkin cannelés

You can't go another fall without trying these pumpkin cupcakes . You will touch the sky for being tender and juicy! These cannelés are not only cute to present on the table, by incorporating one of the star ingredients of autumn they are a safe bet for this season.
Ideas para usar el lemon curd

Ideas to use lemon curd or lemon cream

If you like lemon flavor and you like pastries, surely lemon curd will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Lemon curd or lemon cream is a typical English cream. Its color tends to be a more intense yellow than pastry cream, it has a creamy but light texture and a noticeable and tasty lemon flavor.
Magdalenas de Mascarpone

Mascarpone muffins

If there are some easy to prepare cupcakes that are absolutely delicious, it is this recipe for Mascarpone cupcakes that I bring you today.

The flavor of the Mascarpone and the lemon rise with each bite, mixed with the flavor of the vanilla extract, which gives it a softer and more traditional aroma.
Muffins de plátano y chocolate

banana and chocolate muffins

These banana and chocolate muffins have little history to tell in terms of preparation…. But much to convey in terms of flavor and texture. They are tender, fluffy, rich, tasty and super easy to prepare. You only need these 10 ingredients that I leave you here below and 10 minutes of your time to put them in the oven... and in a short time you can enjoy them!

Pan de Calatrava

Calatrava bread

Related to the family of flans and puddings , Calatrava bread may be one of the easiest recipes to prepare and at the same time most appreciated. Its basic ingredients could not be more: milk, eggs and sugar, to which is added a part of pastries or bread (hence its name) as the main characteristic. Come on, a classic egg flan only with a prize. Doesn't look bad at all, does it?

Helado de Nutella sobre vasitos de galleta de avena y coco

Nutella ice cream on coconut oatmeal cookie cups

Do you like Nutella? And the oatmeal cookies? Both things excite me and if we put them together I get the perfect dessert. Also now that we are in summer, the best dessert is in the form of ice cream. Do you not agree with me?

So today I propose a good homemade Nutella ice cream served on a glass of homemade oatmeal and coconut cookies. How have you been?

Mini-delicias de pan de maíz con miel

Honey Cornbread Mini Treats

A few months ago Nordic Ware informed us that they would stop making the beautiful Beehive mold. I couldn't believe it, how beautiful it is! With it you get some beautiful mini biscuits, perfect entertainment for breakfast, to accompany coffee or for the kids' snack.