If you like the flavor of lemon and you like baking, lemon curd will surely fit wonderfully in your kitchen. Lemon curd or lemon cream is a typical English cream. Its color tends to be a more intense yellow than pastry cream, it has a creamy but light texture and a noticeable and tasty lemon flavor .

If you are looking for an easy recipe to make lemon curd at home, I recommend the one you will find here .

But you should know that you can find lemon curd of very high quality packaged. Personally, I am in love with Tiptree lemon curd , not only because of the quality of its ingredients and its flavor, but also because, once opened, it keeps wonderfully in the refrigerator for weeks (if you manage not to finish it before, of course).

But let's get to what concerns us today: How to use lemon curd? I hope the ideas below inspire you and invite you to try it at home.

Uses of lemon curd

Lemon curd Tiptree and recipe for brick dough tartlets with red fruits

Recipes to use lemon curd

1. Cookies with lemon curd

If you are one of those who prepare cookies at home, a great option is to give the dough a boat shape, to add a little lemon curd on top before baking (add very little cream, since with the heat it will become more liquid). You will see that you get cookies similar to those you find at the bakery and that they will fly at home.

2. Crepe cake with lemon cream

A recipe to enjoy at any snack. You just have to prepare some delicious crêpes (nothing could be easier!) and stack them while adding the cream between each one of them. I leave you the recipe here for crepe cake with lemon cream. Logically, you can also prepare individual crepes, and fill each one with lemon cream (accompany it with whipped cream, you will see what a great pleasure).

Recipes with lemon cream

Recipe for crêpe cake with lemon cream and mini-chiffon cakes

3. Cups of yogurt or ricotta/cottage cheese with lemon cream

If you want to surprise your guests with a dessert that is very quick to make, light and fresh, I recommend preparing some glasses of Greek yogurt with lemon cream. I'll tell you how: place a tablespoon or two of lemon curd in the bottom of a glass or bowl; Pour Greek yogurt on top of the cream (failing that, a quality natural yogurt), and decorate with some shavings of lemon peel. Leave it in the refrigerator and serve at dessert time, a delight!

Likewise with cottage cheese, mata or recuit, serving it on a plate or bowl bathed in lemon curd creates a delicious contrast.

4. Tartlets with red fruits

Brick dough tartlets (you can also use filo dough) with lemon curd filling and accompanied by red fruits. I won't say more, the photos speak for themselves... (the recipe can be found here ).

5. In biscuits

Make any basic cake you know and add lemon curd to give it a lemon touch. You can incorporate the lemon curd as a decoration on the top, or cut the cake in half (I recommend a cake cutter for this) and make a lemon cream filling. You can also mix the lemon curd into the dough and mix, as if you were making a zebra cake, but with lemon cream instead of chocolate - you will see how every bite will taste like lemon!

6. Lemon Bundt Cake

I encourage you to prepare the classic lemon cake recipe that we have in bundt form here , and to change the lemon glaze for lemon curd. You will see that the intensity of flavor is refreshing and delicious. Also as a filling - you can add lemon curd to the dough so that there is an intense lemon flavor in the heart of the cake.

ideas with lemon curd

Recipe for lemon bundt cake and homemade muffins

7. Mini lemon chiffon cakes

If you look at the recipe for the mini-delicacies that you will see here , you will see that after baking a lemon glaze is incorporated. What I suggest is to change that glaze for a few drops of lemon curd. The other option is to insert the lemon curd inside the mini-chiffons... It will be the surprise after the first bite!

8. Lemon heart muffins and cupcakes

Surely on some occasion you have tried or prepared filled muffins. Do you dare to make that filling with the intense flavor of lemon curd? You can do two things: prepare the muffins normally and insert lemon curd inside after baking, or mix a couple of tablespoons of lemon curd to the dough before baking and integrate it well. The decision is yours, I leave you the recipe for homemade muffins here , or directly this delicious recipe for lemon curd cupcakes with meringue .

Cupcakes with lemon curd

Recipe for cupcakes with lemon curd and meringue

9. Toasts with lemon curd

Nothing could be simpler, I think! There are many people who use lemon curd as if it were jam. So I invite you to do this too: prepare a toast with good bread, cut thick, and spread it with lemon curd. It will be your new favorite breakfast and snack.

10. Puff pastries with lemon cream and fruit

If you want an easy and successful recipe, you just have to buy a puff pastry dough, cut it into squares of about 12 cm and fold the edges of each one, thus making mini-tartlets. Arrange them on a baking sheet, put weights on top (dried chickpeas or baking balls) and bake them until golden brown. Now all that's missing is the filling: place a little lemon curd in each one, and add pieces of cut fruit on top. You can make puff pastries with different fruits: strawberries, peaches, red apples, tangerines, red berries...

You can also choose not to incorporate anything other than the lemon curd. In this case, I recommend pouring a little powdered sugar on top of the lemon puff pastries to give it the final finish.

Puff pastries made with Betty Bossi's Wonderbox mold

I hope these ideas have inspired you. If you have others, we would be happy to hear them! Leave them in comments, we will appreciate the inspiration!


Claudia&Julia said:

Hallo Reinhold,

“Recuit” wäre Hüttenkäse oder Ricotta sehr ähnlich.


Claudia&Julia said:

Hallo Evelin,

Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar. Wir haben die verlinkten Rezepte überprüft und wie Sie angedeutet haben, waren sie nur auf Spanisch. Wir haben das Problem behoben und Sie sollten sie jetzt auf Deutsch sehen können.

Wir hoffen, dass sie euch gefallen und dass ihr viel Spaß daran habt :)


Evelin Theisen said:

Sehr schön und anregend. Leider sind die Rezepte nur in spanischer Sprache.

Reinhold said:

Was ist Hüttenkäse getötet oder recuit???

Claudia said:

Hola Amelia,
Discula que no vi tu pregunta antes. Efectivamente, la crema de limón es sin gluten, se hace con Maizena, harina de maíz, totalmente gluten free :). Saludos!

Amelia said:

Quisiera saber si esta crema interensatisima, es sin gluten???? Gracias

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