Lasaña vegetal

Vegetable lasagna

Carmen, author of Yerbabuena in the kitchen, brings us one of the most classic vegetable lasagna recipes, based on spinach, ricotta and a good dose of zucchini. The pasta, which is fresh and homemade, and you'll see...!!

Tallarines con verduras y champiñones

Noodles with vegetables and mushrooms

Raquel, author of Los Tragaldabas, brings us a rich recipe for tagliatelle with vegetables and mushrooms. With her, he shows us the entire process to prepare them, from making the pasta at home with the Imperia machine, to the final touch after sautéing them in the wok. Do not miss it because it is a really rich recipe, and that you can enjoy every day!

Cómo hacer pasta fresca

How to make fresh pasta

Today we are talking about how to make fresh pasta, because if you have ever tried fresh pasta you will know how little it has to do with the traditional dry pasta that we are used to, it surpasses it in every way.

Pasta fresca con mantequilla de trufa

Fresh pasta with truffle butter

What about the pleasure of enjoying fresh pasta freshly made at home? Preparing it is very easy, but if you also accompany it with a delicious truffle sauce as Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet, suggests, the result is spectacular. I hope you enjoy it!

Canelones de carne y foie al aroma de trufa blanca

Meat and foie cannelloni with white truffle aroma

We are already beginning to smell Christmas, and many of us cannot imagine it without those family meals full of delicious dishes and joyful conversations. Cannelloni are an almost obligatory dish in many homes, so today Carolina, author of La Cocina de Carolina , makes our mouths water with some meat ones with a very special touch. Surely you want to take note, because he makes an adaptation of the traditional meat cannelloni that you will love !
Ensalada templada con ravioli caseros rellenos de trompetas y miel

Warm salad with homemade ravioli stuffed with trumpets and honey

Every day there are more who dare to prepare pasta at home. You choose the ingredients you use, you enjoy making it, it's fresh and it's richer. Although I think that the best thing is yet another thing: the surprise that one gets the first day of trying to do it, discovering that it is much easier than it seems.
Mi opinión sobre la máquina de pasta Imperia

My opinion on the Imperia pasta machine

Given that the interest in things made at home is growing, and that many of you are curious to understand exactly how the Imperia pasta machine works, today Virginia -author of Sweet & Sour - tells us her point of view about this utensil and how to use it.
Fettuccini con berenjena y tomate cherry

Fettuccini with aubergine and cherry tomato

There are many who think that eating fresh homemade pasta is really a privilege. That's right, it's a privilege that so many others could also enjoy, because making pasta at home is much easier than most think. Today Raquel, author of Los Tragaldabas , teaches us how to do it and proposes a recipe with that freshly prepared pasta that you will love!

Tagliatelle de remolacha con salsa de gorgonzola y piñones

Beet tagliatelle with gorgonzola sauce and pine nuts

Making pasta at home, although it seems complicated, is very easy. You only need flour and egg, and follow the steps of kneading, stretching and cutting. A few simple steps that bring us radically different results in texture and flavor from the pasta we usually buy.