Today we are talking about how to make fresh pasta , because if you have ever tried fresh pasta you will know how little it has to do with the traditional dry pasta we are used to, it surpasses it in every way.

But if this fresh pasta is also homemade and freshly made , we raise another level of taste and pleasure. Fresh homemade pasta not only has a different consistency and more flavor on its own, but it absorbs the flavors of sauces and sides much better.

Fresh pasta can be made at home with various utensils , which alleviate more or less work:

  1. By hand and stretching it with a roller , as the genuine Italian nonnas did.
  2. With a homemade pasta machine , a simple gadget that refines and fine-tunes the pasta dough and even cuts it into various shapes.
  3. With a pasta robot attachment , like the one that can be attached to the KitchenAid robot.

The fresh pasta recipe

The fresh pasta dough is a very simple dough, because in its simplest version it only has eggs and durum wheat flour (any flour will not work), in a proportion of 220 g of flour for every 2 medium eggs (or whatever is the same, 110g of flour per egg that you introduce), as the Simili sisters show us in the book Pasta Fresca .

This book is a classic of Italian cooking and an essential guide to get started with the preparation of genuine Italian pasta, which we highly recommend. The book is delicious to read because it seems that your Italian grandmother is explaining everything to you.

This dough, which after mixing the ingredients is very coarse, must be refined by flattening it with a rolling pin and folding it repeatedly, but this refinement can be done very comfortably with a fresh pasta machine .

how to make fresh pasta at home

Book "Fresh pasta" by the Simili sisters and Imperia machine (step by step of fresh pasta with truffle butter )

Homemade pasta maker

A pasta machine, such as the Imperia machine , consists of two smooth rollers that not only refine the prepared dough, which has to be repeatedly passed through them until it is of the required fineness and thickness, but can cut the dough into shape of noodles, spaghetti, etc.

In addition, the process of making pasta with this manual machine that works with a crank attracts the little ones, who should always be involved in the kitchen.

The machine is attached to the work table with a vise and the dough is repeatedly passed through it until the desired thickness is obtained. It has an accessory to cut the pasta in the form of spaghetti (2 mm) or fettucine (6.5 mm). You can see how it works in our recipe for fresh pasta with truffle butter .

If we are not going to consume all the pasta immediately, it is convenient to let it dry, for which there are some very cute pasta dryers of the same brand.

With the pasta machine you can also prepare simple sheets to make lasagna or even to use in ravioli, like the ones you can make with this simple ravioli mold set with roller included . You can also make the ravioli without a mold, cutting them with a ravioli cutter or cut the pasta sheets in the shape of tagliatelle with decorated edges with this cutter roller .

As you can see, the equipment needed to make fresh pasta is simple and manual, except for the KitchenAid pasta accessory. And you don't know how delicious it is to make your own fresh pasta. But above all, what is most pleasing is that the result is magnificent. We leave you two last suggestions of fresh pasta dishes from the blog, some beetroot tagliatelle with gorgonzola sauce and some fettucine with aubergine and cherry tomatoes .

homemade fresh pasta recipes


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