What about the pleasure of enjoying freshly made pasta at home? Preparing it is very easy, but if you also accompany it with a delicious truffle sauce as Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet , proposes, the result is spectacular. I hope you enjoy it!

fresh pasta in imperial machine

I like to make pasta at home more and more. It is a quick and very simple process, and the result has nothing to do with dry pasta and neither with commercial fresh pasta.

Children also like to participate, they find it hilarious. Sometimes I prepare the dough and they do the rest themselves.

The sauce that accompanies this pasta could not be faster and easier to make, and at the same time it is different and delicious. Once winter and truffle season have passed, it is wonderful to see that with recipes like this we can continue enjoying its aroma and perfume.


homemade fresh pasta with imperia

Tartuflanghe truffled butter , Pallarès kitchen knife and Imperia pasta maker


In a bowl we put the flour, the eggs, the spoonful of oil and the salt. Knead until you get a uniform dough that doesn't stick to your hands. If this happens we add a little more flour.

We reserve the dough made into a ball wrapped in transparent film in the refrigerator for an hour. If we are in a hurry we can reduce the time, but with a minimum of thirty minutes.

Take the dough out of the fridge, divide the dough into three parts and roll them out with a rolling pin on a floured surface, making several passes to make them thin. We try to make it so that its shape is elongated and we can fit it across the width of the pasta maker.

I use the Imperia machine ; it is robust and holds very firmly to the table, which is essential to work comfortably; the cut is perfect and it works just as well as the first day. I think it's one of those types of kitchen utensils that last a lifetime.

Maybe you have to flour the rolling pin sometime, the fact is that the dough looks dry.

We take the first sheet and pass it through the roller in the thickness that allows us to enter easily. The next pass will be done at the finest level and so on until the end.

Next we take the stretched sheets and pass them through the accessory to cut spaghetti or tagliatelle , as we like.

fresh pasta step by step

We leave the paste to dry so that it does not stick hanging from the back of a very clean chair, or from a hanger. Although there are also special accessories for this purpose, the pasta dryer . After half an hour we can use it.

The sauce in this recipe is so simple that we will make it immediately after cooking the pasta. We will do it in salt water and until it is al dente… about five minutes.

In a pan, we put a little extra virgin olive oil. If we can use one flavored with truffle , much better because it will intensify the flavor even more. We temper it a little and add the drained pasta. Stir until it is very loose and then, over the same paste, add the truffle butter .

We keep stirring so that with the heat of the pasta, which will continue to burn at minimum power, it falls apart. Let it rest with the heat off for a few minutes, so that the pasta is fully impregnated with the flavor of the truffle, heat slightly again and serve immediately.

An exquisite recipe with top quality ingredients with which we are going to succeed for sure.

NOTE: If you want to give the truffle an even more intense touch, you can add a pinch of truffle guérande salt , its flavor will overwhelm you.


Claudia said:

Hola Rosa, qué alegría que te hayas animado!! Y me encnata tu comentario -creo que refleja 100% lo que uno siente a la que se anima a hacerla: al principio da pereza o uno cree que será difícil, pero visto el proceso la primera vez ya no hay vuelta atrás. Es un vicio y como bien dices un gustazo, de compartirla y de comerla :) Un saludo y gracias, a seguir con ella!

Rosa Maria said:

Hola! Yo no me atrevia ahacer pasta en casa, meparecia dificil y engorroso hasta q ne decidi y desde luego es exquisita y nada complicada y el sabor delucioso, nada q ver con la q venden.
Una vez que animas ya no te gusta la comprada.
Yo animo a q se haga en casa y es divertido.
Ademas te mucha satisfacion decir la hice yo.

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