Cazuelita de huevos con gambas, vino blanco y azafrán-Claudia&Julia

Egg casserole with shrimp, white wine and saffron

Get ready, because today I bring you one of those recipes that I like so much, in which to obtain a wonderful result, you barely have to get complicated in the kitchen. You will see how when you try this egg casserole with shrimp, white wine and saffron, you will repeat it ad nauseam.
Plum cake de naranja y pasas

Orange and raisin plum cake

There are a thousand ways to make plumcake, but in this recipe I give you one of the best I've tried, due to its combination of ease, fluffiness, flavor, and the fact that you can make it with ingredients you usually have at home.
Pollo al limón en papillote

Lemon chicken en papillote

If there is an old recipe, quick and easy to make and that I loved when I was little (and when I grew up), it is undoubtedly this one that I bring you today, lemon papillote chicken stuffed with pate.
Canelones trufados de carne y setas

Truffled cannelloni with meat and mushrooms

Thinking of recipes to celebrate Christmas, I couldn't resist preparing this recipe for truffled meat cannelloni. Normally at home it is a header recipe in the form of lasagna, but today I wanted to adapt it so that you can enjoy it prepared in cannelloni mode.
Pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie

There are many traditional fall products, but I love pumpkins. They fascinate me. That is why this year we had to start the season with one of my favorite cakes. Pumpkin pie, better known as "Pumpkin Pie".
Queso al horno de muchas maneras

Baked cheese in many ways

Cheese lovers will love this post. Today I bring you some delicious recipes made with cheese. For lunch, dinner or appetizers, they are perfect to prepare when you have guests at home or even to treat yourself.
Papillote de salmón

salmon papillote

Today, so you can see how simple and fast cooking in papillote is, we bring you one of the most popular or common recipes using this technique, a salmon papillotte. We make it with a potato and zucchini base, and you will see that, with four basic ingredients and the special ceramic oven dish for papillotes by Emile Henry, you will get your family to eat healthily and leave the plates clean.
¡Recetas en quesera! Descubre otra forma de enamorar en el aperitivo

Recipes in cheese! Discover another way to fall in love in the aperitif

Emile Henry has brought out a beautiful ceramic cheese bowl designed to bring us much joy at the table. They call it Cheese Baker , and apart from being able to store Brie or Camembert-type cheeses in it once you have opened them, what is really gratifying is taking advantage of it to cook your cheeses. Yes, cooking them, so that you get some delicious melted and spiced cheeses and at the perfect point to dip or enjoy with a little bread.
Pollo asado con mantequilla de especias

Roast Chicken with Spice Butter

Who doesn't like a good roast chicken, with its potatoes and vegetables? And if I tell you that there is a utensil where he cooks himself and that doesn't stain the oven... Well, what I'm telling you, with the Emile Henry oven for roasting chickens you can get a crispy, golden chicken that avoids the dreaded fat in the entire oven.

Tarta tatin de piña

pineapple tart tatin

I admit that I am a person with a sweet tooth, and that desserts are my weakness. I like them all, come on! But even so, I have my favorites and one of the ones I like the most are the fruit tarts, especially the Tatin tart, starting with the traditional apple tart and ending with the one that I bring you today, the delicious pineapple tart Tatin.

Scones con salsa de fresas asadas

Scones with Roasted Strawberry Sauce

If in my last recipe we traveled to the United Kingdom today we continue there. I couldn't resist presenting you the Scones recipe. Yes, surely you know them, they are those round rolls originally from Scotland, rolls with which the famous tea time is usually accompanied.

Chipirones rellenos encebollados

Stuffed baby squid with onions

I'm not going to deceive you. Today I do not bring a quick recipe. Of course, it is not a difficult recipe either, but it is a bit entertaining. Of course, it is also absolutely delicious, and as soon as you taste the first bite of these stuffed squid with onions, you will forget all the time you could have spent preparing them and you will only be left with how delicious they are, I promise!