Gua-bao: pan chino al vapor relleno de pato y cebolla caramelizada

Gua-bao: Chinese steamed bread stuffed with duck and caramelized onion

Discover the magic of Gua Bao, a delicious Chinese steamed bread that has conquered palates around the world. Originating from Taiwan, this soft, fluffy bread is a staple in Asian cuisine, known for its versatility and ability to adapt to a wide variety of fillings.
Religiosas de crema pastelera y chocolate

Religious pastry cream and chocolate

One of the desserts that makes me travel back in time and takes me back to Sundays for family celebrations is the tray of profiteroles or assorted Lyonnaises which, by taking center stage on the table, became the reason for applause. These pastry cream and chocolate nuns would have been my salvation, because when I had to choose between cream, truffle or cream profiteroles, they all looked delicious and I couldn't decide on my favourite.
Cómo hacer buñuelos de bacalao

cod fritters

These cod fritters are delicious freshly made, when they are still piping hot. You can serve them with some kind of sauce (mayonnaise, tartar...), as chunks of stewed beans or on their own, which is how I like them best. Although surely you can think of other ways to consume them.
Tortitas de calabacín y queso feta

Zucchini and feta pancakes

Healthy, fun, tasty and very easy to prepare. These zucchini and feta pancakes have everything to make you succeed with your family or to give yourself a personal whim. They can be served as a starter or as a side dish, although nothing prevents them from being the protagonists of the aperitif moment.

Freidoras sin aceite: beneficios y qué hacer en ellas

Oil-free fryers: benefits and what to do in them

Today I am sure that there is no one who has not heard of, seen or already has an air fryer or air fryer , also known as an oil-free fryer, in their kitchen.
Rollitos de primavera de ternera

Beef spring rolls

I love the crunchiness of spring rolls. Making them at home takes very little time and allows me to make the filling to my liking or adapt it to the ingredients I have at the time. Today, we bring you a good recipe for veal rolls, with a touch of curry that makes them delicious in contrast to the sweetness of the brick pastry that surrounds them.
Buñuelos de viento rellenos de nata

Wind fritters filled with cream

Buñuelos are a very typical dessert of Spanish gastronomy. I bring you an easy recipe to prepare the classic buñuelos de viento and I explain how to prepare the vanilla and whipped cream pastry cream filling or whipped cream. In addition, I will tell you how to get them to increase a lot and remain very hollow. I encourage you to prepare them because they are a true delight. You will see that your family appreciates that little time in the kitchen. A great luxury dessert for very little money.

Gyozas vegetales (empanadillas chinas)

Vegetable gyozas (Chinese dumplings)

I love the way different Asian cuisines spice up their dishes. The most insipid foods are transformed into tasty morsels, with peculiar and very powerful flavors. Among my favorites are gyozas, Chinese dumplings that I could eat with two hands and every day of the week.
Croquetas de bogavante

lobster croquettes

Chef Antonio Arrabal shows us the perfect and easy recipe to make delicious Lobster Croquettes. Because making croquettes is easy, and with a few tricks you will get the perfect croquettes: thanks to the clear explanations, the chef's step-by-step, and his tricks and tips so you don't fail, you will see that you get restaurant croquettes easily.
Croquetas de bacalao tradicionales, de la Marquesa de Parabere

Traditional cod croquettes, from the Marchioness of Parabere

The Marchioness of Parabere says, in her renowned book Culinary Encyclopedia, the Complete Kitchen, that croquettes are a delicacy that is generally appreciated by all. How right! And today we bring your recipe to make some homemade, traditional, authentic and very tasty cod croquettes.
Empanadillas de crema pastelera

Pastry cream dumplings

Yes, you read it right! Pastry cream and dumplings together in the same preparation. A divine bite and hard to beat. Especially if they are homemade. That can be prepared with wafers from the supermarket, a passable solution for a moment of trouble. But incomparable with some homemade dough dumplings. With its butter, a little sweet wine and a lot of pampering.
¿Cómo elaborar unas buenas croquetas de jamón?

How to make good ham croquettes?

Who does not like croquettes. Those of the grandmother, those of his mother or those of the neighbor. But how should a good croquette be? Crispy on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside; There are many fillings but the Serrano Ham croquettes are a classic. This is one of those foolproof recipes that will work wonders for you.