Empanadillas de setas y queso azul

Mushroom and blue cheese dumplings

One of the great classics of our cuisine, and that of many other countries, is the empanadilla. Versatile to say the least, both in the dough, which can be made in many ways depending on the liquid and fat chosen, and in the filling, which admits infinite variations and can be adapted to one's taste... whatever you have in the fridge (it's a great recipe to use).

Pasta Pierogi

Pierogi Pasta

Pierogi are one of the most typical dishes of Polish cuisine. Basically, it consists of stuffed pasta of different varieties. You could say that they are quite similar to ravioli.

Empanadas de pino chilenas

Chilean pine empanadas

Chilean pine empanadas have a curious name, don't you think? Pine is the name of the very traditional filling of onion, beef, olives, egg and raisins, which apparently derives from the Mapuche word pirru and has nothing to do with the tree.

Rosti de patatas y zanahorias

Rosti of potatoes and carrots

Delicious! Potato and carrot rosti, a dish that you will make in no time and that you will undoubtedly enjoy at any lunch or dinner. Do you dare to prepare this recipe from Lola, author of Loleta?

Dumplings de setas y cerdo

Mushroom and pork dumplings

We have Carmen with us again, author of Tia Alia. This time he brings us an oriental recipe, some steamed dumplings, which he proposes to fill with mushrooms and pork, although the possibilities are endless. A great recipe for an appetizer or an original dinner!

Tortitas de verduras y queso

Vegetable and cheese pancakes

Miriam, author of The Winter Guest, brings us some salty pancakes that, with a touch of cheese and accompanied by a good sauce, will quickly become a most appetizing dinner. Bon Appetite!

Bao buns con pollo salteado

Bao buns with stir fried chicken

Bao buns are typical Asian cuisine buns that are steamed, and that you can fill with whatever you want, although the most common is to do it with meat and vegetables. They are a healthy way to liven up a lunch or dinner, that's why Leti, author of Revealing Flavors, brings us a very tasty recipe to prepare them. We assure you that you will love making them and even more enjoy them!

Croquetas de patata con salsa romesco

Potato croquettes with romesco sauce

Miriam, author of The Winter Guest, brings us the recipe for potato croquettes that you will enjoy both in a snack and as an accompaniment to any lunch or dinner. The recipe is one of the easiest to prepare, it is only a matter of keeping in mind a few recommendations so that they are perfect, you will see!

Empanadillas de atún

Tuna patties

Miriam, author of the Winter Guest, today brings us a really delicious traditional recipe: empanadilla stuffed with tuna with olives, hard-boiled egg and tomato. I assure you that it is worth preparing them at home, success is guaranteed!

Croquetas de jamón y pollo

Ham and chicken croquettes

Today Miriam, author of The Winter Guest, brings us a recipe to prepare delicious croquettes at home. I encourage you to prepare them, with their tips and tricks they will undoubtedly be perfect for you.

Empanada gallega de atún

Galician tuna empanada

There are recipes that represent such a classic that we must recall them from time to time. This is what happens today with this Galician tuna empanada brought to us by Luisa, from Cocinando con mi Carmela. It is a must see!

Empanada de carne

meat pie

There are dishes that just by seeing them we know that everyone will like them. The one that Luisa, author of Cooking with my Carmela, brings us today is one of them: a traditional recipe for meat pie. A recipe that you will prepare easily and quickly, and that will surely succeed at home! It has been prepared in the Revol fountain, with that line so characteristic of the mythical French brand (you can see more products here).