Bizcocho Nordic Express de coco-Claudia&Julia

Nordic Express coconut cake

Not only does it result in a beautiful train: this coconut cake recipe is a delicious snack, and the most convenient to eat thanks to the format in which it is presented. The Nordic Ware Nordic Express Train mold is wonderful! It provides you with several long, narrow cakes with a divine design, which are also super convenient to serve and eat, either giving one carload per diner, or breaking them into several bites each.
Bundt Cake de leche condensada y vainilla con glaseado de queso crema

Vanilla Condensed Milk Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

I won't lie to you if I tell you that it has been a long time since I made a cake as moist and spongy as this condensed milk and vanilla Bundt Cake that I bring you today. You will see that we have not used a large amount of sugar, because the condensed milk will already give it a great sweetness (apart from that delicious aroma typical of condensed milk... Lord, what a delicious bundt!).
Bundt cake de calabaza especiada-Claudia&Julia

Pumpkin spice bundt cake

It really caught my attention how this Nordic Ware recipe stood out in good opinions and reviews, both in number of opinions and in the positive evaluations it received. Everyone was raving about how delicious this Pumpkin Spiced Bundt Cake turns out! And obviously I had nothing left but to try it.
Panna cotta con lemon curd-Claudia&Julia

Panna cotta with lemon curd

I love panna cotta, but it makes me tired by itself. It is a most delicate and fine dessert, with that slight flavor of cream and the touch of vanilla that I like to give it... but for me it is not enough: I need to add a plus to enjoy it, a contrast, and discover the wonderful combination the panna cotta with lemon curd is a treat that I don't want to keep to myself - you have to try it!
Loaf cake de coco con cobertura de caramelo

Coconut loaf cake with caramel coating

We've been celebrating discounts at Nordic Ware, and I'm joining the festivities with this Salted Caramel Topped Vanilla Coconut Pound Cake, which is out of the box. To pay homage to the house, we baked it in a Nordic Ware Loaf Cake type pan (I used the Heritage Loaf Cake), which allows you to achieve a beautiful finish without any difficulty, since the mold takes care of giving it that beautiful shape.
Mini Blondies de caramelo en moldes mini bundt

Mini Caramel Blondies in mini bundt molds

You can make mini blondies in Nordic Ware mini-bundlette pans! This recipe for caramel blondies is the richest and you have a bite prepared in no time. Its buttery flavor and brown sugar aroma is delicious, and it's a great way to present the classic blondie sticks but in a beautiful format, thanks to the finish provided by the Nordic Ware mini bundlette mould.
Ideas para usar el lemon curd

Ideas to use lemon curd or lemon cream

If you like lemon flavor and you like pastries, surely lemon curd will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Lemon curd or lemon cream is a typical English cream. Its color tends to be a more intense yellow than pastry cream, it has a creamy but light texture and a noticeable and tasty lemon flavor.
Bundt cake de chocolate y café

Chocolate and coffee bundt cake

Intense and moist, I think these are the two words that describe this coffee and chocolate bundt cake, whose recipe has been tested and revised to bring you a most tender and moist cake, full of flavor and ideal to start the day or accompany afternoon coffee time.

Conejitos de Pascua: Bizcochitos de miel y vainilla

Easter Bunnies: Honey Vanilla Cupcakes

I bring you some snacks that are as easy to prepare as they are fun: they are honey and vanilla cupcakes in the shape of Easter bunnies. They are perfect for decorating the mona with edible figurines, or to serve individually with coffee, at breakfast or as a snack.
Brioche de Naranja

orange brioche

I have to admit that, when it comes to sweets, I have a weakness and brioches drive me crazy! So I can't help but share with you the recipe for this delicious orange brioche. Today also, I give it the shape of a bundt cake.
Bizcochitos Mini Angel Food

Mini Angel Food Biscuits

What about making the classic Angel Food Cakes recipe but in a mini version? Yes, today's recipe is very simple but very successful, and it really is delicious. These are Mini Angel Foods made with the Nordic Ware mini Angel Food mould, which are ideal both for breakfast, as a sweet dessert or even to accompany coffee in the afternoon.
Bizcocho especiado

spiced cake

This Pumpkin Spice Pound Cake is outstanding! has a taste most vibrant, thanks to all the spices it incorporates. Today we shape it into a pumpkin, with the Pumpkin mold from Nordic Ware (don't you find it super cute and original?), but you can shape it into  bundt cake or other loaf cake, there are so many pretty shapes!