Tarta pascualina

Cake Pascualina

The Easter cake is a cake from Italy and is prepared during Easter to celebrate spring. It is ideal to take it to a picnic or outdoor meals. It is made up of puff pastry and a tasty filling, typical of the Ligurian culinary tradition, based on spinach, ricotta and eggs that are revealed when the first slice is cut.

Tiropitas de espinacas con queso y pasas

Spinach jerky with cheese and raisins

Today's recipe is inspired by a Greek cuisine dish, tiropitas or tyropitas, made with filo pastry and stuffed with egg and cheese, but which Lola (author of the Loleta blog) has adapted to her taste and makes with spinach, cheese and you pass A great dish to enjoy at any dinner and that you will prepare in a few minutes!

Rosti de patatas y zanahorias

Rosti of potatoes and carrots

Delicious! Potato and carrot rosti, a dish that you will make in no time and that you will undoubtedly enjoy at any lunch or dinner. Do you dare to prepare this recipe from Lola, author of Loleta?

Berenjenas rellenas ahumadas

Smoked stuffed aubergines

Lola Bernabé, author of Loleta Life&Market, brings us an ideal recipe for any occasion. The recipe for stuffed aubergines is a classic, but smoked as she proposes, it gives it an extra flavor that will make you fall in love. Bon Appetite!

Raviolis de bolognesa

bolognese ravioli

Making ravioli at home is not complicated and is really satisfying. Lola, author of the Loleta blog, tells you how to prepare ravioli stuffed with bolognese. A most tasty proposal!

Ventajas de las sartenes aptas para el horno (¡y cuál elegir!)

Advantages of oven-safe pans (and which one to choose!)

Today I want to talk to you about pans that can go in the oven. They are pans that we normally use on the counter, but due to certain characteristics they can also go in the oven. It is an added value that they have since they have a lot of advantages.

Pastel de pescado al curry

curried fish cake

Today we bring you a proposal for everyday life that you will love: it is a recipe for potato cake with curry fish filling. It is an adaptation that Loreto (of Sabores de Colores) has made of the well-known chef Jamie Oliver. It is very tasty thanks to all the spices it contains, and the combination with mashed potatoes is the richest. Bon Appetite!

El día de la Crêpe

The day of the crepe

French tradition says that crêpes should be prepared on February 2nd. They can be sweet or savory, but when making them you must turn the crêpes with one hand, while holding 2 coins with the other. Those two coins will be wrapped in the crêpe and kept like that for a whole year, and the following year those coins will be given to the poor.

Tortitas de espinacas y humus

Spinach and hummus pancakes

You will like today's recipe: it is easy, light and very rich. Carolina, author of La Cocina de Carolina, proposes some original spinach pancakes that will surprise with any filling, but I assure you that with Carolina's proposal, hummus and vegetables, success is guaranteed!

Pescado rebozado con quinoa y salsa tártara de yogur con boniato al horno

Battered fish with quinoa and yoghurt tartar sauce with baked sweet potato

Carolina, from La Cocina de Carolina, brings us a recipe for everyday that you will enjoy for its simplicity and distinctive touch: make a battered hake log with quinoa, a healthy way to bring a batter to the table; and accompanies it with baked sweet potato. Easy and effective, you will love it with the touch of tartar sauce.

Mi expeciencia con las sartenes BRA Infinity

My experience with the BRA Infinity pans

I've wanted to talk to you about these pans for a long time, the BRA Infinity. In fact, I have thought so much about what I wanted to tell you that it can be said that today's post is one of those that write themselves...

Pollo al horno con verduras

Baked chicken with vegetables

Raquel, author of Los Tragaldabas, teaches us how to make the most of the new Bra Infinity grill, a super-reinforced non-stick grill with a removable handle, which allows cooking both on the fire and in the oven. In this case, he presents us with a classic, baked chicken with vegetables. Delicious, appetizing and with an excellent presentation - Success is guaranteed!