I've been wanting to talk to you about these frying pans for a long time, the BRA Infinity. In fact, I have thought about what I wanted to tell you so much that it can be said that today's post is one of those that writes itself...

You know I'm in love with cast iron pans, but there are times when it's good to use a non-stick pan - when we prepare certain sauces, when we cook delicate foods like white fish or when we need a light pan. The fact is that, before incorporating the BRA Infinity frying pans, we were testing them for a while at home -it is something we do regularly and which I consider very important for products that we use daily such as frying pans-. After that trial period, I have realized that when I am going to use a non-stick pan, the Infinity is the one I use most often. At that price level, it's hands down my favorite and one of the best nonstick pans I've seen in years.

pan bra infinity

Fish Tacos with Avocado Mayonnaise Recipe

As Enrique and Claudia -from Bra Isogona, both charming, let me tell you!- told us, the day they came to present the new range, the Infinity are designed to last many years in the kitchen, which makes the investment really profitable. ; but it also presents some characteristics that have pleasantly surprised me. I want to talk about them today.

To date, two products have been developed under the name Bra Infinity: the frying pan , available in various sizes, and the square grill , both smooth and ribbed . All of them are presented as products with a very high quality non-stick and with a super-reinforced non-stick that they say is one of the best on the market. Its ten-year guarantee -rare to see on a non-stick frying pan- speaks for itself.

The other great virtue is the removable handle, which in my opinion can be very useful for two purposes: to reduce storage space and to be able to put the pan or grill in the oven, both to make a recipe from start to finish and to finish it. to the grill

Inifinity frying pans characteristics

When we first saw the Bra Infinity pan I was surprised by how good it felt in the hand. It shows a robust pan, with a quality non-stick coating and a removable handle that perfectly holds the pan, in fact it doesn't seem detachable until you remove it. The fact of having a removable handle allows us to use the pan in the oven (without a handle) to bake or gratin, so we can prepare some recipes without using various utensils. Another advantage is that we can store the pan without a handle if we are tight on space.

On the left, recipe for Baked Chicken with vegetables , baked in the same pan

With use I have seen that the frying pan responds wonderfully, the non-stick coating works really well and it gives me the feeling that if we use it well, we will have a frying pan for years. Another advantage is that the frying pan is made of cast aluminium, one of the best technologies available for the manufacture of frying pans, so it distributes heat very well and ensures that it will never deform due to excess heat.

It is a pan that I would recommend without a doubt for those customers who want a good non-stick pan at a very reasonable price. If we put it to good use, we wash it by hand, we do not use metal utensils and we use it at moderate temperatures (for strong cooking we have iron pans), without a doubt we have a frying pan for years and the satisfaction of using a utensil that transmits a lot of quality.

Recipes with Bra Infinity

Both the frying pans and the grills in the Infinity range are designed to be used on all types of heat sources, gas, vitro and induction, but also in the oven, having previously removed the handle. Thus, you can both make a recipe in which you introduce all the ingredients on the grill and pan and cook it in the oven, as is an example of this: Chicken in the oven with vegetables , or you can cook with it on the fire and finish the recipe in the oven. (make a gratin, heat a previously prepared recipe, etc). You can see another example of a delicious recipe prepared in the skillet with the Fish Tacos with Avocado Mayonnaise .


InnerWell said:

Thanks, it is good because it is a cast iron pan, so it stands out of the crowd because majority of pans are not made of cast iron, so they are not non-stick and they may be a bit difficult to clean as well. PansReviews.com

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No hablas sobre el teflon y lo dañino que es para la Salud, no hablas de que contienen PTFE, creo que eso debiera aparecer para que nadie se llame a engaño

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Hola yo llevo dos años con estas sartenes y pir fuera si las limpias bien se le quita el color y una se ha roto por el círculo parece un colador

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