Semlor - Bollos suecos-Claudia&Julia

Semlor - Swedish Buns

Los semlor o semla (en singular), es uno de los dulces más tradicionales de Suecia, Finlandia, Dinamarca, Noruega y Estonia. Se trata de un bollo de cardamomo relleno de crema de almendras y nata. En mi caso, he optado por la nata y el mascarpone, ya que para mi gusto, queda, además de con una mejor textura y cuerpo, mucho más rico.
Kanelbullar, bollos de canela trenzados suecos (receta tradicional)-Claudia&Julia

Kanelbullar, Swedish braided cinnamon buns (traditional recipe)

Swedish buns, known as 'Kanelbullar' (kanelbulle, singular), have become a culinary treasure rooted in Swedish tradition. Emerging in the 1920s, these braided cinnamon buns were initially considered a luxury, as exotic spices like cardamom and cinnamon were in short supply. With the economic boom of the 1950s, cinnamon and cardamom buns established themselves as highly appreciated delicacies in Swedish hearts and homes.
Focaccia dulce de chocolate

Chocolate focaccia

I'm dying to share this unique and delicious recipe! Today we will discover together the wonderful world of Chocolate Focaccia. This surprising variant, sweet and tempting, is the perfect choice for a special breakfast or snack.
Croissants de ricotta horneados en baño de almendra-Claudia&Julia

Ricotta croissants baked in almond bath

International Croissant Day is approaching, and we suggest you enjoy not one but many, transforming these beloved puff pastries into a unique and delicious creation: we turn this Baked croissant filled with ricotta cream into a quick Ricotta, Almond and Blueberry Pudding that will make your guests tremble. In this recipe, croissants become the base for an indulgent and comforting dessert.
Rolls de canela con cerezas y glaseado de queso de cabra con naranja-Claudia&Julia

Cinnamon rolls with cherries and orange goat cheese glaze

I'm excited to introduce you to a cinnammon recipe with a new twist that marks the debut of our lovely new Le Creuset Noel limited edition cocotte. It is an opportunity to share something special and combine the traditional with the surprising. If you've seen it already, I'm sure you're with me in saying "It's prices!"
Corona trenzada de Nutella-Claudia&Julia

Twisted Nutella Wreath

My most chocolaty self comes today with a recipe that is perfect for improvising a snack or preparing a festive breakfast: an irresistible twisted Nutella crown. A sweet that tastes like a crunchy chocolate croissant in every bite and that you can enjoy fresh out of the oven or a few hours later, if there is any left over!
Brioche con pesto de ajo silvestre-Claudia&Julia

Brioche with wild garlic pesto

Today I bring a brioche with wild garlic pesto that I'm sure you'll love. It is a recipe that is easy to make, that is very colorful and that is ideal both to accompany any dish, to present with a cheese and cold meats platter, along with a caprese salad or to be savored just as it is.
Pan dulce trenzado Vianočka-Claudia&Julia

Vianočka braided sweet bread

I bring you a very traditional braided bread in countries like the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Its name is vianočka and it is a soft sweet bread with a delicious touch of vanilla. Its name comes from the word vianoce, which means Christmas, and the braid originally represented baby Jesus wrapped in his blanket. But today it is not only done at Christmas, but is enjoyed throughout the year.
Croissants de almendra (cómo hacer croissants rellenos de crema frangipane)-Claudia&Julia

Almond Croissants (How to make Frangipane Cream Filled Croissants)

You will be surprised how easy these delicious almond croissants (or croissant, or croissant) that I bring you today are to make. These are croissants that we will make with puff pastry and filled with an almond cream that will overwhelm your senses: the delicacy of each bite and its mild almond flavor, together with the tenderness of the dough, make it become a croissants recipe essential at home.
Casca de Reis (casca de Reyes)-Claudia&Julia

Casca de Reis (Casca de Reyes)

I am fascinated by all the classic, traditional elaborations and even with an old or vintage look. I think they have a very distinctive quirky elegance that makes it hard to draw attention away from them. Among the wide variety of sweets typical of these dates, this year you cannot stop preparing the Casca de Reis, the typical Valencian Christmas sweet that must be present on the table on Three Kings Day.

Roscón de brioche de Reyes-Claudia&Julia

Roscón de brioche de Reyes

If you are still waiting for Three Kings Day with the same enthusiasm as when you were little, you will love today's recipe. This Roscón de Reyes is a Brioche roscón, an accessible and easy-to-make dough, with just the right amount of sweetness. And of course, there is no lack of the typical broad bean, which has always made us laugh so much at home, young and old.
Baguettes de Viena con chips de chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Vienna baguettes with chocolate chips

Vienna bread turned into a baguette and filled with a coating of chocolate chips. Can anyone resist this delight?

Vienna bread is a bread reminiscent of brioche, tender and rather sweet. In its preparation it incorporates milk, butter and eggs, and it is a dough that can easily remind you of brioche.